Does your kitchen need an organization renovation?

When was the last time you addressed the storage and organization in your kitchen? If the answer is years or even never, then now is the time. An organized kitchen adds major value and a lifestyle improvement that makes cooking and general use more accessible. Check to see if your kitchen has these tell-tale signs that it needs an organization update.

Shelf Genie of Alberta in Edmonton is a professional storage solution and glide out shelving provider. They share some telltale signs that your kitchen needs new storage solutions:

Your counters aren’t visible

Do you have nice countertops, but they always covered with appliances and utensils? While some décor and commonly used appliances are fine, excess clutter is not. Clear countertops help add an open and clean feel to the kitchen. It also makes cooking and food prep much less stressful when you have room to prepare. Put function back into your cabinets with clever storage solutions that’ll clear the countertops. Deep drawers can store pots and pans, while slide-out drawers can store smaller appliances to get them off the counter. Both offer easy access and clear the visual clutter.

You have to hunt for utensils

If you can’t find what you need right away, chances are a little drawer organization is in order. Aside from slide-out drawers, there are a few other custom drawer solutions to consider. Tall, narrow cabinets can be turned into custom spice racks for easy access. Drawer-in-a-drawer is a multitiered drawer design. It lets you store bulky cooking tools on one section and dish towels or other items on the bottom. Even specialized deep and wide drawers for garbage bins can help clear floor space and keep the trash out of sight.

The corner cabinets are empty

Empty space is just as wasteful as overcrowded ones. Corner cabinets especially have a lot of potentials given the right storage design. One solution is to install a Lazy Susan on upper cabinets, which lets you reach corners by easily turning the tiered storage unit. For bottom cabinets that tend to be deeper, Shelf Genie of Alberta has a GlideAround solution. The drawers are custom built for corners with a slide-out feature for full access and a spin design to reach even more.

Not everyone can easily open drawers

Are your kids or visiting elderly family having issues opening drawers or cupboards? Drawers with heavy pots and pans can especially be heavy and difficult to open. Even if you’re just planning for future aging-in-place, easy-opening drawers are a great addition. Glide-out drawers and shelving are built on easy tracks that slide open with ease. Adding multitiered drawers can also help spread the weight, so no one section is ever too heavy.

Closet and Storage Solutions in Edmonton

Shelf Genie of Alberta provides storage solutions that bring peace of mind and organization to kitchens, bathrooms, and pantries. They take the unique needs and wants of their clients to help provide custom storage solutions. Then, they provide only the highest quality of products and services to ensure complete peace of mind transformations.

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