Don’t make these bathroom renovation mistakes

Beautiful bathroom renovation by Dash Builders.

If you want to start remodeling your home, the bathroom is a great place to start. Typically, the room is smaller and the renovation less complicated than a full kitchen remodel. That said, mistakes can still happen with your bathroom renovation.

Dash Builders in Winnipeg shares some common bathroom remodeling mistakes to watch out for:

Not enough room for new fixtures.

Before you demolish the bathroom, make sure the contractor measures your old fixtures including the toilet and bathtub. For example, there needs to be is enough room between the wall and the toilet drain. A standard toilet needs at least a foot between the two, and it won’t fit otherwise. If you want to install different sized fixtures or move their location in the room, extra plumbing work will have to be done and needs to be a part of your initial bathroom design plan.

Improper ventilation.

Your bathroom renovation needs to include a high-quality ventilation system and fan. Consider installing a fan that has a timer, so you can allow it to run for 10 to 15 minutes after your shower to ensure the moisture is able to escape. Without proper ventilation, the moisture can cause your paint to bubble and support mildew and mold growth. Yuck! Dash Builders can help you pick out a quality fan what will offer the right amount of air exchange for the size of your bathroom.

Converting all bathtubs in the house to showers.

Shower conversions are a very popular bathroom renovation. Instead of a bathtub you never use, you can have a beautiful, luxury tiled shower. This can boost your home’s resale value; however, you should always make sure to leave at least one bathtub in the house. Even if you never take a bath, selling a house with no bathtub could be difficult in the future. Find inspiration with these tub to shower conversion images. 

Choosing the wrong paint sheen.

You might like the look of a matte paint sheen, but it isn’t practical for the bathroom. The glossier or shinier the paint sheen, the more moisture resistance it offers. Semi-gloss and glossy paints work well in the bathroom. Not only do they help keep the moisture out of the drywall, they make your walls much easier to clean. They can handle more wear and tear, so the paint finish won’t start to diminish with regular wiping. Use matte, eggshell and satin sheens in the other rooms of the house but choose at least a semi-gloss for the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovations in Winnipeg

The general contractors at Winnipeg’s Dash Builders are experienced in all aspects of construction. From a bathroom renovation to a complete home makeover, their goal is to exceed customer’s expectations. They believe in building quality rooms that last. At Dash Builders, they take our time so that everything is done properly ensuring you will have nothing to worry about.

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