Don’t Risk Getting A Leaky Basement In Toronto When It Rains

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Everyone loves the rain. A road trip in this type of weather or the pleasant fragrance of the soil. The sounds and everything else about the rain. But it will spoil your mood when you enter your home and have a leaky basement in Toronto.

What if you prepared for the weather in advance! Leak-proof your basement with Aquatech,  leaky basement repair in Toronto, and get ready to enjoy the monsoon to the fullest!

Before you get on further, here is everything you need to know!

Why Do You Have A Wet Leaky Basement?

You are not alone in a leaky basement in Toronto. We all face the same issue. But before fixing any problem, you need to know its cause first.

Well, there are many reasons for a wet leaky basement during monsoon. Here are some of them:

Hydrostatic Pressure

The water seeps down to collect as groundwater during rain storms. That water exerts an upward force on your basement. Due to the pressure buildup, the basement tends to break.

Lateral Pressure

The soil surrounding your property determines your basement’s well-being. It is a red flag if the soil is non-porous and has water retaining power. Besides, it will exert a lateral pressure (push from sides) and cause a wet leaky basement.

Uneven Slope

If the slope is not even and uniform, the water will accumulate in corners and try to seep into the building. This will cause your plaster to peel and create a foul odour.

Faulty Drains

The drains, eaves, downspouts and troughs are supposed to keep the leaks and water escape at bay. But if they don’t function properly or they are broken, then it is a problem. The water from these passages gets collected in the foundation and induces hydrostatic pressure. Clogged drains escalate the danger since they add to the water accumulation instead of directing them away from your property.

Waterproofing Methods Not Working

You might install waterproofing devices and machinery to prevent this situation, but choosing the right technician is equally important. Contact Aquatech Basement Waterproofing for leaky basement repair in Toronto so that it stays the next time you waterproof your basement!

Cracks Or Holes In Your Basement

Your basement might have holes or cracks, and water is pretty easy to enter, especially during the rainy season.

Leaking Window Well

Window wells provide a way for lights to enter the basements but can also become water passageways. They can even floor your basements during heavy rains if they are not constructed or placed in the proper position.e common reasons for having a leaky basement in Toronto and are not safe for your accommodation this season.

Consequences Of Having A Wet Leaky Basement

Our responsibility is to help you make a well-informed decision about basement leak repair. Knowing the causes of basement leaks, you must understand the consequences you might face.

Wet Floor

If the water enters, it will spread through your house, resulting in a damp and slippery floor.

Foul Smell

The constant musty, damp odour is not pleasant and is irritating to smell constantly.

Damp Stuff

If moisture or dampness enters, even through walls or flooring, it will cause your stuff to get moist and spoil it.

Mould Formation

The damp environment and humidity in the air prove to be a way for mould to grow in the walls causing them to rust.

Making The Right Choice

Make sure you are ready for the rain and not worried about it. Take the following steps for basement leak repair and ensure your family’s safety.

Repair Drainage

Check for the drainage system. Whether it is working well or not, if it shows signs of breakage or clogging, consider its repair or replacement. This is because drains constitute a significant passage for carrying vast amounts of water, and risking drains is a big NO!

Sump Pump Installation

A Sump Pump is the best choice during monsoon; it can suck out all the water from your basement and direct it away. It is Canada’s favourite choice!

Foundation Repair

This includes the repair of cracks, holes or uneven slopes that might compromise your basement. Wet basement solutions will not only keep your basement dry but also put your mind at ease.

Summing It Up!

We know that Canada loves rain but not leaky basements. We at Aquatech Basement Waterproofing provide leaky basement repair in Toronto to ensure you enjoy yourself while we care for your problems. Our team comprises highly trained professionals and technicians who will understand any basement leakage problems. We provide the best services and have the lowest basement repair cost.

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