Don’t tear out your old concrete – repave with rubber

Concrete may be a traditional choice for driveway paving and landscaping, but it can become damaged with time. Tearing out and replacing old concrete is a big job with a high cost. Instead, consider rubber repaving for a cost-effective and longer-lasting solution.

Concrete Options in Edmonton is a professional rubber paving company. They share why rubber repaving is the best way to handle your old concrete surfaces:

Improve the visual appearance of your home

Cracked, worn-out concrete driveways are unsightly and a quick way to ruin your home’s curb appeal. By repaving, you can restore its original appearance and give it a new look. Rubber repaving is also a great way to appeal to potential buyers. The surface offers better grip and safety, so children and the elderly won’t risk slipping. Even if it’s not just your driveway that needs repaving, any concrete surface can be repaved. Pool areas will be safer again, and pathways renewed.


Compared to the other options, like replacing or patching, repaving is the most cost-effective option. Rather than the added labour and time to remove all the old concrete and replace it with new, rubber saves all that. Most surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, or brick can be repaved with rubber. The old surface doesn’t have to be removed, and the rubber itself costs less than traditional materials. Rubber is environmentally friendly as well, as it’s made from recycled tires. Not only are you saving your bank account, but you’re also having a better impact on the environment.

New custom look

While concrete can be stamped or engraved to give it a new appearance, it comes with an extra cost. With rubber, you can save that cost by choosing a new colour with the rubber. The look can either blend in or be a standout feature that really draws the eye. Colours can even be mixed to resemble the look of concrete better, so you don’t lose the appeal of an old style. Rubber is poured in place, which means each application is made as a custom fit for your home. No matter the architecture or colour scheme, rubber paving can be made to match.

Long lifespan and long savings

On average, concrete will last for 50 years if it is well maintained. Still, exposure to the elements, snow removal tools, or salt can cause premature damage and repair costs. With rubber, it can easily last for 20+ years and with minimal maintenance. Unlike concrete, winter snow and ice won’t be an issue since they don’t affect rubber. You won’t have to risk damaging the surface with snow blowers or salt since clearing ice is never needed. Over its long lifespan, there won’t be extra repair costs or unexpected damage either. With the right care, rubber surfaces offer a great ROI over the years.

Rubber Paving in Edmonton

If you want a green and cost-effective paving solution, Concrete Solutions is the right company to call. They pride themselves on repairing, leveling, and resurfacing worn concrete with rubber for a better solution. With 20 years of concrete repair experience, you can rest assured that their professionals are the right team to call.

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