Double-Hung vs. Casement Windows

There are a variety of different types of windows in Edmonton to choose from. The small differences play an important role when making a choice. Energy efficiency, easy to open, the outdoor view, and the list goes on. When making a decision it is important to weight the pros and cons of each option. Is an abundance of natural light vital, or is child safety and accessibility the focus.

GreenFox Windows and Doors offers a range of window types. They share the difference between double hung and casement windows:

Double Hung

Double hung windows are most commonly known as easy to open, as they slide up and down in a frame. They have sashes on both the top and bottom of the window frame, allowing both windows to move for better ventilation. Double hung windows can work in any home, and can are reasonably priced. If you choose to install a window air conditioning unit, double hung windows can accommodate it. As well, with double hung windows you don’t have to worry about children or pets. The upper sash can stay open, while the bottom sash stays closed. Guaranteed ventilation in a worry free household.

Typically there are less mechanical issues with double hung windows, unless there is an issue with one of the sashes. This could result in the window not wanting to stay up. There is possibility for air to escape from the window, but this can be avoided with a quality seal. Older Edmonton windows may experience this problem.


Unlike double hung windows, casement windows open horizontally with an interior crank mechanism. A latch on the inside of the window must be engaged in order to fully close the window. For those who struggle to lift or place their arms over their head, casement windows present an easier alternative to opening a window.

Casement windows are more expensive than double hung windows, which plays a role in the decision making process. In regards to energy savings, casements create an airtight, which stops air from escaping or entering your home. Casement windows are not difficult to clean, whereas double hung windows may pose a challenge. Read more to learn about how easy it is to clean casement windows.

Overall, personal preference is what will determine the type of window you decide to buy. Both windows pose a number of pros and cons. Ultimately, double hung windows seem to be the most efficient, economical, and logical choice.

For any questions in regards to windows Edmonton, GreenFox Windows and Doors are available to answer. Contact them today!


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