Drafting for Your New Home or Addition


Hiring professional drafting or home design services in Edmonton will give you complete control over the design of your new custom home or your major home addition. If you have some ideas already, you can show the architectural designers or if you just don’t know where to start, they can help you visualize a home design you are going to love.

Companies that offer drafting services in Edmonton like Classic Residential Design are there to guide you through the process, making sure your dreams are viable from a construction standpoint and can be brought to life.

Here is how the drafting process works:

Develop a preliminary floor plan: Classic Residential Design will create a floor plan that is ideal for your space, is functional and reflects your unique personal tastes. This is where you can discuss your preferences, ask questions and make sure the preliminary plan is one you are comfortable with and excited about.

Create the front elevation drawings: Now things get really fun! Once you’ve approved the initial drawings, they will create exterior elevation drawings that will reflect how the outside of the building will look and feel. These elevations take into account architectural components like the height of the house, slope of the roof, windows and doors and other details.

Discuss, revise and perfect the plan: Once you’ve had a good look at the elevation drawings, they will discuss any concerns, suggestions or questions you might have. Nothing is final at this point! This is your chance to toss all your ideas at Classic Residential Design and they can sketch them in, revise the plan and make sure the final draft has the exact features you want in your dream home or addition.

Create technical blueprints: This is the final stage and will still allow for some more input from you as you see your design come to life even more. You’ll really start to see your new home take shape before your eyes! Once this is done, it’s time to start working with your builder.

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Home Design Services in Edmonton

Let Classic Residential Design Inc. create a personalized home plan based on your ideas. For over 25 years, their experienced architectural team has designed beautiful, functional custom house plans in Edmonton and across the globe.  Not building a new home? Their home design services in Edmonton can help you with all your renovation and addition planning as well. From site measures of existing properties to the designing of wonderful additions and renovations they can help.

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