Drywall and framing: why professional help is best

Framing and drywall can seem like a daunting task to tackle, especially given how important they both are. New home constructions and major remodels both rely on proper framing to provide overall strength and stability. That’s why, when it comes to ensuring safety, it’s best to call the professionals.

Wawall Construction Inc. in Edmonton offer professional drywall and framing services. They share how their professionals can help when it comes to drywall and framing:

Difference of materials

The two types of materials used for framing are either wood or steel. Typically, residential renovations use wood, while commercial construction uses steel. However, that is changing as steel is steadily becoming more available and popular to use in residential homes. Steel will never rot, split, attract termites, or be a fire risk. It is also resistant to moisture, making it ideal to use for bathrooms or basements. Still, while steel offers many more benefits over wood, it isn’t as easy to install and handle. It is also harder to cut and shape since special saws are required.

Wood, in comparison, is the traditional choice for framing. It is much easier to cut and shape and can support more weight than steel. Wood also costs less, so it is better suited as a cost-effective choice for renovations. Without proper protection, wood is at a higher risk of becoming damaged by water or humidity. With a professional, they’ll know what material is best for the project or know any building code regulations.

Types of framing

Depending on the type of wall being installed, whether a partition, load-bearing, or other, different framing methods will be necessary. Framing a load-bearing wall, for example, compared to a wall with a window or door, is different. Load-bearing walls support either the floors above them or the roof structure and protect against sagging, cracks, or even collapses. Building codes will also vary depending on location and will affect the header’s depth or how much load it can carry.

Walls with new doors or windows need proper framing with the right space to fit the installation. Doors especially need careful planning with the purpose of the room in mind. Bedroom doors, for instance, need enough room to swing open on either side.

Avoid framing and drywall mistakes

Proper framing is a crucial step that, if done incorrectly, leads to severe risks and costly repairs. The wrong measurements can result in a wall that is too short and must be dismantled and rebuilt. Uneven leveling creates weak spots that risk affecting the overall load capacity of the frame. Correct framing is also crucial for the next step, which is hanging and installing the drywall. While usually seen as an easy DIY task, installing drywall provides just as much opportunity for error. Over-sanding, using the wrong screws, bad taping, and mudding or not having enough support can all affect the integrity of the finished drywall.

With a professional’s help, everything from the right materials to proper framing and drywalling is handled by them.

Drywall Contractors in Edmonton and Framing Contractors in Edmonton

Wawall Construction Inc. proudly provides safe, quality, and reliable drywalling and framing services. They guarantee that when you work with them, each job is handled right the first time. With peace of mind and quality homes, Wawall Construction is the company to call.

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