Drywall Cost Considerations

If you’re doing a major home remodel, you’ll likely need to hire a drywall contractor. Lifestyle Drywall in Calgary is an experienced and skilled drywall company. They share some cost considerations for your next drywall project:

How is the cost of the project determined?

Most drywall contractors will estimate the cost of your project depending on the square footage of the project. They will also consider how difficult the installation will be. For example, a small square room will cost less to install drywall than in intricate vaulted foyer.

Factors that determine the cost.

The easier and smaller the job, the less it will cost. Here are some examples of things that can make your estimate cost more:

Multiple edges. If you want accents with multiple tiers, it means more cutting and more difficult hanging and finishing for the drywall contractors. This will bring up the price.

Unique textures: Textured ceilings and walls are a great choice if you want to add character to your home (and hide imperfections too). It is time consuming and takes an experienced contractor to complete.

Rounded corners and arches: Homes with alcove ceilings, arches and rounded corners will require additional time in a drywall project.

Vaulted ceilings: Installing and finishing drywall in spaces with high, vaulted ceilings requires extra time and extra materials. A drywall contractor will also consider the amount of time it takes setting up and moving scaffolding and ladders to get the job done.

Prepping the space: Some contractors will cut costs if you offer to lay drop clothes in the area before they arrive. Laying and taping up drop clothes and plastic can be time consuming, so consider this as a savings tactic if they allow you to do-it-yourself.

More information on how cost is determined: 

Most contractors will charge more per square foot if the job is small and less per square foot for a full-house renovation. This is because they will still need to return to the house for multiple days to work on your small project. It makes sense to have all the work you need done at once.

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

LifeStyle Drywall is dedicated to deliver quality craftsmanship, no matter what the specifications might be. They are a passionate group of talented, experience and creative workers who value professionalism and teamwork. Lifestyle Drywall will deliver consistent results on time and on budget.

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