Drywall DIY or Hire a Pro?

Drywall is one of those projects that requires experience and skill. The act of applying drywall compound and sanding is more difficult than it seems, and without a trained eye and hand, you could end up with noticeable seams on your walls or ceiling.

That said, there are some minor repairs a handy homeowner could try to do themselves. Stampede Drywall Ltd. in Calgary shares some examples of when you can DIY and when you should call the professionals:

Minor drywall repair.

If one of the kids has put the end of their hockey stick into the drywall, or you’ve noticed other small holes, you might be able to tackle the project yourself. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t have to create a patch bigger than a softball, you could probably get away with DIY drywall repair.

Still, there are some things to consider. How handy are you? Do you have the tools and supplies? Do you have the time? Can you afford to hire a professional? Do you care if the repair isn’t perfect?

If you feel nervous about the repair or your abilities, you should hire Stampede Drywall to repair it for you. Otherwise, read these tips for easy drywall repair.

Renovations or major drywall repair.

If you are doing a major home renovation or your drywall damage is large (like water damage) you should hire a professional drywall contractor. As mentioned before, this home improvement project takes years of practice to master. Amateur drywall installation and repair will produce unprofessional results. You’ll have noticeable seams, bumps and/or lines on your walls and ceiling.

Drywall contractors have the right tools and equipment. When you hire a pro, you won’t have to run to the hardware store to purchase tools. You won’t have to deal with transporting large, awkward sheets of drywall. Stampede Drywall will arrive with all the tools and materials required to complete your renovation or repair.

The process of drywall installation and repair is time consuming. You must apply the drywall compound and wait up to an entire day before sanding it. Then you must apply it again, wait, sand and repeat. Sometimes it can take several days to get it ready for the painters. Professional drywall contractors will arrive at your home, do each stage step by step, for as many days at it takes until it’s done. You just have to open the door for them!

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

Stampede Drywall offers full drywall installation and repair services to Calgary and surrounding areas. If you need professional drywall installation and/or repair, don’t fuss with a frustrating DIY project.

Contact the professionals today!


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