Drywall facts that show pro help is best

Drywalling is one of those projects that is best left to the professionals. When it comes to ensuring quality, a professional will always guarantee that. 

TDC Drywall in Vancouver is a professional and detailed oriented drywall company. They share some drywall FAQs and how their contractors can help with any drywall projects:

Sheet size and thickness matters

Drywall comes in a range of different sheet sizes and thicknesses. The most common for each is a 4×8 foot and ½-inch thick sheet, which is also what most DIYers choose. Heavier and bigger sheets are much harder to carry and handle carefully, making it a better job for a pro. The advantage of choosing a bigger sheet is that there are fewer seams and so the finished wall will be smoother. Thickness also varies depending on not just a project, but any building codes. Thicker drywall may be necessary for ceilings or areas that must be fire-resistant such as a furnace room.  

Drywall has a front and back

The front side is typically white but will also vary depending on the type of drywall. The backside is much rougher and is typically a brown colour. If you install drywall backward, it causes the finish to look uneven even after a new layer of paint. With specialized drywall, such as water or fire-resistant, you lose the protective benefits when the drywall is facing the wrong way.

There are different types of drywall

The standard drywall is coloured white on the front and brown on the back and is used for most projects. There are also other specialized types of drywall for specific protection which are made with coloured, treated paper. Green coloured drywall, for example, is for moisture resistance such as behind tiles in bathrooms or kitchens. Blue drywall is water and mould resistant and is standard for bathrooms. Type X drywall is a fire-resistant type with the thickness of the sheets affecting the overall rating. The right drywall plays a key role in the safety and quality of a room. Otherwise costly problems, such as mould behind walls or failing safety code inspections, are a risk.

Professionals ensure quality

DIY is a great learning experience and can save money on the right projects. But, drywalling is best left to the professionals. Drywall contractors have years of experience and skill, guaranteeing that every job has a smooth finish. Ameature drywall work usually leaves noticeable seams and screw marks. Companies like TDC Drywall also guarantee that common drywall mistakes are avoided so that your home’s value stays up.

Drywall Contractors in Vancouver

With over 30 years of drywall experience, TDC Drywall is the company to call. They provide quality work, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction for every job. Whether you need boarding and taping, drywall installation, or help to prevent issues, TDC Drywall is ready to help!

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