Easy Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Cabinet Refacing in Oakville

Have you ever thought about sprucing up your kitchen cabinets? Most likely, what stopped you was the price it would cost to have them all replaced. You don’t have to change your cabinets to add a fresh new look to your kitchen since you can easily reface them.

You do have the option of looking for a company specialized in cabinet refacing in Oakville. It will cost a lot less than having a workforce replace your kitchen cabinets. If you’re up for a DIY project, you can do this yourself; all it requires is the right tools and a steady hand.

Tools You Will Need & Steps to Take

Most likely, you’ll have all the tools needed for this task. You may have to get some self-stick veneer since getting a standard veneer may require a veneer cutting-tool. You will also need plywood for a specific step.

Here is a shortlist of the tools needed:

  • Hammer
  • Straight edge
  • Utility knife
  • Handsaw
  • Screwdriver (Or Drill)
  • Try-square
  • Nails
  • TSP Cleaner (Grease and paint remover)
  • 150-grit sandpaper
  • Carpenter’s glue

Doors and Drawers Removal

Start by removing all of the cabinet doors and drawers. Then carefully wipe all of the cabinets’ faces with TSP Cleaner (be sure to use gloves). Next, sand all of the surfaces with sandpaper.

Placing Plywood Panels

Measure the exposed faces of the cabinets, cut the plywood accordingly. Firmly glue the plywood onto the exposed faces, pressing down for a few minutes. Finish off by securing the plywood with 2D nails.

Cover the Frames

You need to measure the vertical (stiles) and horizontal (rails) frames. Cut the self-sticking veneer accordingly, making sure to leave ½ inch wider and 2 inches longer than the actual frames. When placing self-sticking veneer, align it so the veneer overlaps the edges.

Begin to carefully peel away the self-sticking veneer at the corners, press down as you do so. Once you have peeled away all of the self-sticking veneer, use something (wooden block or smoothing tool) to press down on the veneer strip. By doing this you will remove any air bubbles.

Finally, use the utility knife to cut the excess self-sticking veneer overhanging the cabinet openings.

Doors, Drawers, and Knobs

If you are placing the old door and cabinets back, simply screw the hinges with a drill or screwdriver, and attach the knobs and pulls as well.

If placing new doors, drawers, and knobs carefully measure them before screwing them into place.

Voila! You finished beautifying your cabinets. Was it easy? Or did you struggle with all the measurements and veneer placing? Maybe it’s time to contact someone to help.

Who Can You Contact for Cabinet Refacing in Oakville?

It’s great to do things for yourself, but sometimes an easy seeming task may take longer than expected. If that is the case, be sure to contact a professional cabinet refacing company. It is a lot cheaper than you think and will be done a lot quicker than doing it yourself.

If you don’t know any companies that do cabinet refacing in Oakville or its surroundings, feel free to request a quote from Platinum Pro Painters. We are the leading kitchen cabinet experts in the Greater Toronto Area.


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