Eco-Smart Coatings for Your Home’s Exterior

Eco-Friendly coatings can be used as a water proofing sealant and protector on your roof, foundation, exterior paint job, garage floor, interior floors and counter tops. WeatherSkin Edmonton and WeatherSkin Fort McMurray installs Eco-Smart Coatings. These coatings are environmentally friendly and can be used in several applications. From water-proofing your foundation, fixing leaks or bringing your home’s exterior back to life, they can help.

Here are their top three out of their many services:

Eco-Smart Roof System

Maximize the longevity of your roof with an Eco-Smart roof system. The Eco-Smart Roof system uses a membrane that is installed over your roof  to create an long-lasting roof solution. This state-of-the-art roof system can bond to wood, steel, asphalt, PVC, rubber, foam and concrete. It is UV resistant, less then a 1% fade rate, remains malleable in cold temperatures, has great expansion and contraction, is breathable and completely water proof!!

It is also good for the environment. The Eco-Smart roof has low VOC’s, is made up of non-hazardous materials and meets LEED’s, USGBC and CAGBC requirements.

Eco-Smart Membranes 

Eco-Smart Membrane on wood.

Imagine a paint job that doesn’t fade like regular paint! That’s right, a less then 1% fade rate per year. Protect your home or businesses exterior and keep it looking new with this Elastomeric Eco-Smart Membrane. This coating can be installed on concrete, wood, vinyl, metals, foam, rubber, asphalt, drywall and ceramic surfaces.

These Eco-Smart Membranes are a smart material that never loses molecular strength, it’s breathable, expands and contracts as required and is completely water proof. It fades less than 1% yearly, which is a lot better than a traditional paint job and is resistant to UV radiation.

Eco-Smart Membranes are also eco-friendly. They are acrylic, have low VOC’s and are considered a non-hazardous material. They also meet LEED’s, USGBC and CAGBC requirements.

Eco-Smart Epoxy Membrane for Floor Coatings & Countertops

A garage floor coating will create protection from moisture and chemicals like chlorides, acids as well as from gasoline, aviation fuel, brake fluid, antifreeze, alkalis and solvents that might spill in your garage or shop. This durable membrane bonds well to concrete and makes the floor stronger and easier to clean by giving it a smooth and seamless finish.

Eco-Smart Epoxy & Polyaspartics have low odour, low VOC’s or no VOC’s, 100% solids, vapour permeability and is made of non-hazardous materials. They also meet LEED’s, USGBC and CAGBC requirements.

Garage Floor Coatings in Edmonton

WeatherSkin Corporation is a company positioned to excel in the manufacturing of Eco-Smart Coatings. This corporation and its team personify the ideal chemistry to bring the industry of Coatings to the next level with state-of-the-art, Eco-friendly product lines designed and created for the high standards of today’s environment.

WeatherSkin Edmonton & WeatherSkin Fort McMurray are owned and operated by CJM Coating Corporation. CJM offers only Eco-friendly products and strives to provide the best products and services in the industry. WeatherSkin’s line of Coatings makes it possible for them to keep up with the demand for the best and safest products for your home and business. There is no job to big or too small for their team and they have professional installers dedicated to each service to ensure the best installation for your project.

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