Electrical housefire prevention

Written by Blitz Electric Ltd. in Edmonton

Electrical maintenance is extremely important for your home and family. In fact, electrical fires are the third leading cause of residential fires in North America, annually accounting for roughly 51,000 fires, 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage.

Of those 51,000 fires, arcing faults are responsible for more than half, causing approximately $700 million in property damage. Faulty receptacles lead to another 5,000 fires, and a whopping 65 percent of fire-related deaths are linked to faulty or failing smoke detectors.

The sad truth—these fires are preventable with even the most basic home maintenance. Here are a few simple tips to ensure you don’t become a statistic:

Home electrical safety tips

Have the electrical system in your home inspected by qualified electricians to ensure that all the electrical meets the safety requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code. Book your electrical inspection in Edmonton with Blitz Electric Ltd. today.

Install smoke detectors on every level of the home, inside each bedroom, and outside each sleeping area. Test smoke detectors and AFCI’s monthly to ensure they are working properly.

Have a fire extinguisher installed in an easy to access location near the kitchen and utility room.

Ask a qualified electrician about installing Arc Fault protection, especially during inspections of older homes or during upgrades of electrical systems. These advanced safety devices recognize dangerous conditions that are not detected by standard breakers.

Use light bulbs that match the recommended wattage on the light fixture and consider upgrading to LED bulbs.

Install tamper-resistant receptacles to prevent electrical shocks and burns, especially if there are any young children in the home.

Conduct a basic assessment of your home electrical system including cords, switches, power plugs, and outlets.

Use extension cords temporarily and never with space heaters or air conditioners.

Look for signs of electrical problems in your home such as dim and flickering lights, unusual sizzling and buzzing sounds coming from your electrical system, or circuit breakers that trip repeatedly. Contact a qualified electrician in Edmonton immediately if you identify any of these warning signs.

Avoid overloading outlets; if needed, consider having additional circuits or outlets added by a qualified electrician.

Remember, even the best electrical equipment degrades over time. If your electrical system is over ten years old schedule a qualified electrician in Edmonton to inspect your entire home electrical system today.

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