Electrical Improvements to make when working from home

In the past year and a half, more people are working from home than ever before. When people moved to work from home last year, there was a rush to get set up. You might not have taken the time to think about small details. If working from home has become a permanent arrangement, there are lots of things you can do to improve the space.

Hauck Electrical Services in Edmonton has four electrical upgrades that can be improved in a home office:

Reduce eye strain with more lighting

Typically, most people have a single overhead fixture as their source of light in a room. Depending on the size of the room or the way your space is set up might require more. Have an electrician install proper ambient lighting, like recessed lighting spaced appropriately throughout the ceiling. Then ensure your desk and workspaces have ample task lighting. Digital eye strain from staring at a computer screen is an issue, but one that can be improved with better lighting. You’ll feel the difference right away in both comfort and productivity.

Install more outlets for your equipment

If your home office is in a bedroom, you likely don’t have enough outlets. You might have your office set up specifically to reach outlets and not to increase workflow. Or, you might be relying on extension cords and crowded power bars to power the equipment you need. An electrician can review your needs and install new outlets throughout the home office to accommodate them.

Improving your panel

Having a home office means running extra electronic equipment such as a computer or laptop, a printer, and other devices. All of this draws power from your electrical panel and runs along the same electrical circuit. If you find that you are tripping a circuit often, you might need a panel improvement. It could also indicate that there is something wrong and you should contact an electrician for an inspection and repairs.

Protect all your devices with surge protection

Make sure that you are protecting your office equipment from potential surges in the electrical system. While power surges can originate in the home, they can also be caused by the power grid and are harder to control. Having a professional electrician install a surge protector right in your electrical panel is a smart decision. Whole-home surge protection is more effective and efficient than outlet-only surge protection. Take the smart steps to protect your computer and other office equipment and devices.

Electricians in Edmonton

Hauck Electrical Services offers safe and affordable electrical services in Edmonton and all surrounding areas. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating, or require electrical maintenance or repairs, they can help. Electrical work should never be a DIY job. Trust the professionals at Hauck Electrical to ensure an efficient, safe, and functional residential electrical system.

Reach out to Hauck Electrical for your improvements today.

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