Electrical Safety Tips from Calgary Electrician

Your electrical system is essential to the function of your home.  It can also be very dangerous.  A short circuit can cut your power, ruin appliances and even result in a fire.  If you find your circuit is constantly blowing and you’re always running down to the basement to flip the breaker, you should investigate further to insure you don’t have a more serious electrical problem. Pro-FX Services Inc, Electricians in Calgary shares some information about your electrical system and electrical safety.

What is a short circuit?

A short circuit occurs with the positive and negative terminals of a current connection on a low-resistant conductor, like when too wires touch.  It interferes with the flow of the electrical circuit and can cause more electricity to be produced in the circuit in a short period of time.  Since this can lead to fires, your electrical system has a circuit breaker that will prevent this surge of electricity.  That’s why it trips the power. Learn how to detect a short in electrical wiring in a house. 

How to prevent short circuits:

Avoid using multi plug sockets.  It’s tempting to buy an adapter that allow you to plug in 5 electronic devices into one outlet.  Don’t do it.  You can overload the system and cause a short circuit.

Electrician peeling off wires

Update your electrical system.  If you live in an older home, you could have an outdated electrical system that won’t be able to handle the power load you require, or that is up to current building standards.  Calgary electricians can check your system and ensure your circuit protection in your supply and distribution system is up to date.

Inspect your wiring:  There are many dangers of bad electrical work.  Faulty wiring is the number one cause of electrical fires.  Sometimes it is due to age, wear and tear and sometimes it’s due to poor workmanship.  If you have a basement that was finished before you moved in, the wiring should also be checked.  They can also make sure the actual wires in your system are the proper type and size. Contact Pro-FX Services Inc. to inspect your wiring.

Check all your major electrical equipment and appliances:  Is your oven getting enough power?  Do you notice a ‘burning’ smell when you use an electronic device or are you noticing that outlets and electronics are producing heat?

Do not attempt DIY Electrical Work

Electricity is dangerous.  It can cause fires and electrocution can cause major injury and even death.  All the YouTube How-To videos out there will not give you the solid experience, knowledge and expertise to safely execute an electrical repair or installation.  Not only do professional electricians have the know-how and tools to get the job done right, they also have a keen eye for the warning signs of a potentially hazardous electrical situation and will know what to do to prevent it.

Calgary Electricians

Pro-FX Services Inc. specializes in residential, commercial and industrial electrical installation in Calgary and the surrounding areas. With over 35 years in the electrical industry, they have the knowledge, expertise and friendly staff to service your electrical needs. You can trust that they will complete the project on time and on budget.

If you think you have an electrical problem, don’t wait.

Contact Pro-FX Services Inc. today!


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