Electrical upgrades that can decrease your energy bill

Inflation and soaring energy prices have increased everyone’s utility bills. Fortunately, some electrical upgrades can improve efficiency and lower your power bill. Get Wired Electric Ltd. in Winnipeg shares electrical upgrades can help you save on power.

Swap out LED light fixtures and bulbs

Replacing your incandescent light bulbs with LEDs is a simple way to reduce electricity use. They use about 75% less energy and last up to ten times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

If you want to go a step further, consider installing integrated LED light fixtures. These light fixtures incorporate the LED bulb right into the fixture, unlike a regular lamp where the fixture and the bulb are separate. Essentially integrated LED light fixtures connect directly into your line or low volt electrical system. Electricians can install integrated LED fixtures for ambient, recessed, and even ceiling fan lighting.

Install a dimmer switches

This simple electrical upgrade enables you to control how much electricity you use to light up a room. With dimmer switches, you can dim the lights at specific parts of the day or when you don’t need focused task lighting. Not only does this save energy, but it also extends the life of your lightbulbs.

Consider motion detector lights

Do your kids always leave on the bathroom light? Consider installing a motion detector for your bathroom lights. The lights come on when someone is in the room. Then, they turn off automatically after a period with no motion. In addition, you can install motion detection lights in other spaces like the entryway, hallways, stairway, and exterior lighting.

Upgrade home appliances

Old appliances can consume a lot of electricity. ENERGY STAR states that dishwashers, water coolers, freezers, and fridges account for about 13.6% of the total energy used in an average Canadian home. Upgrading to efficient ENERGY STAR-rated appliances can help you consume less power.

Go solar

While this is a significant upgrade and investment, it’s the best way to reduce electricity use drastically. A residential solar power system will harness the free and renewable energy of the sun and convert it to electricity for your home. Excess energy collected by your solar panels will go back into the electrical grid, and you can receive a credit on your electricity bill. That’s right, during the sunniest months, the electrical company will pay you for a change!

Stay tuned for a new Manitoba solar rebate program, with an expected launch sometime in 2022.

Electricians in Winnipeg

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