An electricians role in your kitchen renovation

The electrical work is a significant part of your kitchen renovation. The placement of appliances, outlets, switches, and light fixtures all need to be integrated into the plan. Sparky Tips Electrical in Edmonton shares things to consider when planning the electrical portion of your kitchen renovation. 

General lighting

When wiring your kitchen, there are many directions you can take with your lighting plan. If you’re looking for something simple and modern in your kitchen in terms of lighting, recess lighting is a good way to go. Pot lights can be great, because not only are they efficient lights, but some kinds can be adjusted to be spotlights. Spotlights can direct light towards certain places in your kitchen, such as the countertop where you’ll be preparing meals. 

If you’re looking for more of a centerpiece, or focal point, there are many hanging lights that will compliment your recessed lighting. With so many styles out there, you can really showcase your style and draw attention to the room. 

Light switch positions

Something homeowners likely forget about is the position of light switches. Depending on how many lighting components are in your kitchen, the size of the switch will vary. It’s a good idea to keep the switches near the light that they operate, especially if there are multiple light fixtures in your kitchen. You can also choose to have switches for the same fixture in more than one location. For example, the ambient lighting might have a switch at both entrances of the kitchen if there is more than one. 

Island outlets

If you want an outlet on your kitchen island, it is code standard to install a GFCI protected outlet. Any outlet installed within 1.5 meters of a water basin, including the kitchen island, requires a GFCI outlet. This will ensure you have the outlets required to run small appliances. GFCI outlets will help keep you safe too. They will shut off the flow of electricity when they come into contact with water, senses a ground fault or variation from how the current should be. This safety feature can help prevent electrocution, protect appliances, and reduces fire hazards. 

Other electrical features

There are many other electrical features you may want to add to your kitchen. This could include hooking up a vent, garbage disposal, and installing major appliances. You might choose to add dimmers to your main lighting or USB charging ports along the counter. No matter the project, an electrician is there to assist you and make your kitchen renovation process easy. 

Electricians in Edmonton

Full-time electrician Matthew Muhlberghuber at Sparky Tips Electrical will take on any electrical project big or small. From changing a switch to wiring up your brand new home, he does everything from commercial work to maintenance. If you’re looking for a qualified, skilled electrician, Sparky Tips Electrical is the one to call. 

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