Energy Efficient Window Replacement

Your old or damaged windows could be allowing too much energy to transfer in and out of your home, reducing its energy efficiency and driving up your monthly energy costs.  Investing in high-quality, energy efficient windows from a window company in Calgary will greatly improve your overall efficiency and ensure energy savings for years to come.

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Tell-tale signs it is time to replace your old windows:

You live in an older home and have never replaced the windows. Even if your old windows seem to be in good shape, they were not built with the same energy efficient technology new windows are today.  You’ll find that new windows will make your come more comfortable, lower your energy costs, improve your home’s aesthetics and raise property value.

You can feel a cold draft coming in. Sometimes this can be fixed temporarily by re-sealing your caulking or weather stripping, but the best solution is a window replacement.

There has been water damage or other damage to your windows. If you have wood window frames, inspect the frames for moisture, softness, rot or warping. If that is the case, it’s time for an upgrade. Aluminum or older vinyl could be damaged and no long seal properly. They should also be replaced.

Learn how to install vinyl replacement windows. 

Window Replacement 

You know it’s time to replace your windows and you have a lot of questions and concerns. Will a replacement require major structural work? Will there be a huge mess in my house? How long will it take? How much will it cost? How can I know I’m getting the best quality windows? One of Calgary’s best window companies can help! They know exactly what will be involved and will put your mind at ease by explaining everything to you before installation.

When you call a window company in Calgary they will assess your situation and then schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consultation at your home with a sales representative. During your consultation, you’ll receive suggestions for the best solution and will learn about all the different options available to you. Every detail of the project will be discussed so there will be no surprises during or after installation. After your questions have all been answered you’ll be given a quote.

If you’ve decided to move forward with the window replacement, your windows will be ordered from their fabricator and a date will be scheduled for your installation. Most installations can be complete in 2-3 days with little disruption and no mess left behind. If something unforeseen happens and your installation schedule has to be changed, you will be alerted well in advance so you can choose another day that suits you.

Once your installation is complete you’ll immediately start noticing the benefits of your new windows. Not only will you love the way they look and operate, you’ll also feel that your home is more comfortable and you will start to see a reduction in your heating and air conditioning bills.

Maximum Efficiency with ENERGY STAR Windows

Choose are ENERGY STAR rated. That means they have met strict technical specifications for high efficiency without compromising features or performance in other areas. Products are certified for the climate zone that you live in making them the best energy performers of all makes and models on the mainstream market.

ENERGY STAR certified windows are certified by an independent accredited agency for insulating glass durability and overall energy performance. These certified products often have longer warranties than conventional products and are the best of the best!

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