Energy-efficient windows to keep out the cold


Replacing old windows with new energy-efficient models is a smart investment that will lower your utility bills. Efficient windows are built to maintain interior home temperatures levels and reduce energy transfer. They’ll keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Argon-filled panes, double or triple layers of glass, and Low-E coating are some of the components of a highly efficient window.

Canada made

GreenFox Windows & Doors don’t just provide robust windows; their windows are specifically made in Canada for Canada. That means that all the technology of the window is best suited to perform well in Canadian climates. Older poorly installed windows can cause significant heat loss in your home. GreenFox windows in Edmonton can improve your home’s thermal performance by up to 40%. Their trained and certified installers will ensure you get the right window for your home. Built with double or triple panes of glass and reflective coatings, their windows will keep your home comfortable year-round.

Double or triple-pane

Double or triple-pane windows refer to how many layers are glass are in the window. Older homes might still have single-pane windows, but double-pane windows are the new standard. With two glass panes and insulating gas between them, less noise travels inside, condensation build-up is less of a problem, and you’ll get better thermal performance.

Triple-pane windows add a third layer of glass, which means another layer of insulating gas, so the benefits are doubled. Triple-pane windows can also greatly reduce outside noise, which is a great choice if you live on a busy street. A window company in Edmonton can show you the benefits and cost of each choice.

Argon gas filling

Between the glass panes in double and triple pane windows, there’s also a layer of argon gas. The gas itself is completely harmless, but it acts as an extra layer of insulation within the windows. In windows, R-value measures how well the material prevents heat from passing through. The higher the number, the better when looking at it from an efficiency rating. Double-pane windows range from 3-4, while triple-pane goes up to 7-8. Paired with other energy-efficient components, a double-pane window is an efficient choice. However, for homeowners looking to maximize overall efficiency with that extra layer of argon gas, you can’t go wrong investing in triple-pane windows in Edmonton.

Low-E coating

A final layer of protection comes from the low-E coatings on both double and triple-pane windows. The coating is invisible to the eye, but it acts as a robust barrier against UV light. When UV light passes into your home, it allows the transfer of heat that affects interior temperatures. By applying the coating, that heat transfer is blocked from the outdoors. In the summer, your home will stay much cooler, even with the blinds up. In the winter, the coating acts the same way, but it helps keep the heat inside. That way, you won’t have to crank up the furnace to keep your home staying toasty and comfortable. This coating can also help protect your flooring and furniture from harmful UV damage.

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