Enhance your home with customized interior doors

When thinking about interior doors, there’s no reason why you have to stick to the traditional doors you see in every home. You can add style by choosing customized options that might work better in your home. From doors that fit small spaces to those that allow more natural light, there are several options for doors for you.

Hallmark Doors in Edmonton have several options to consider for your home interior needs and wants.

Bifold doors

These lightweight doors fold inward while simultaneously sliding open. Their most common use is in bedroom closets or to cover smaller sizes laundry areas. Since the doors aren’t completely solid, they’re typically thin which means they’re light to maneuver. They aren’t a great option to block sound, so keep that in mind when installing them in your home.

French doors

Choosing a door with panes of glass, like a French door, gives off a charming style. It’s also a way to have a door that doesn’t completely close off the room. This is a great option for an office, nursery, or dining room where maintaining a line of sight could be important. It’s also a great way to let light into a room which might not typically get any. Use the natural light another room might benefit from to light up a darker interior space.

Barn doors

Barn doors have become a trendy option in the last several years. This is a great option space to create separation by creating a wall when the door is closed. A barn door is mounted on rollers which leads towards a stylistic choice depending on hardware. Choosing a barn door can create a focal point in a room while being a creative way to create temporary space when needed. Read more about different types of interior doors.

Doors in Edmonton

When deciding on interior upgrades, you want to go with a company that you can trust. With over forty years of experience in quality doors, Hallmark Doors is the right place for your door needs. They provide a high-quality product while maintaining competitive prices for all their customers. By going above and beyond during the construction process, their doors are sure to last for years.

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