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Written by Integra Painting in Edmonton

Integra Painting has been in the painting business for a while and they enjoy it. Besides painting, they offer drywall repairs, texture, and texture repairs.  Frequent accent wall requests made them think about how can they improve their service and offer something really special to their clients? After a thorough search, they found Valpaint products from Italy and became general distributors of Valpaint products for Canada.

What are Valpaint products and why are they so special?

Valpaint products are water-based paints and coatings developed in a laboratory alongside the chemists who are always looking to create something that hasn’t been created before. One of the products, Rococo, is a good old Venetian plaster, known from the time of the Romans and the Greeks. The rest of the products were developed in the last 3 decades and the offer of designs and textures has been growing constantly.

Currently, there is 21 application techniques being offered, each with 3-5 different finishes. Products vary from the cement-like wall coating, glow in the dark paint, suede-like paint, and metallic effect. The bestseller in Edmonton is by far the marble effect with epoxy resin finish, applied in showers, on the wall and floor tiles, and as a backsplash.

Valpaint vs. tiles

Valpaint coatings from their E-volution line have a number of advantages compared to tiles as well. As mentioned, Integra team has applied Valpaint to a fair share of backsplashes so far. With Valpaint, there are no grout tiles, cleaning is easier due to its smooth surface and each design is unique. Valpaint can be applied to the tiles directly; there is no need to remove them.

Valpaint vs. wallpaper

Valpaint is very often being compared to wallpaper. Its advantages are that it is washable, there are no lines showing like the lines where wallpapers are connecting, and it is overall more durable. Valpaint design is easy to repair and due to its texture, the repair blends in and is not visible. Since Valpaint is not glued to the wall, there is no fear of its peeling or bubbling from the wall.

Why choose Valpaint wall coatings?

– Unique look
– Over 21 different products, multiple finishes and hundreds of colors to choose from
– In house install
– Can be applied to any horizontal or vertical surface
– Can be applied in any space (residential or commercial)
– Low or zero VOC
– High durability and washability
– Easy repair

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