Enhance Your Property with a Backyard Patio

Enhancing your landscaping can make your yard more attractive and functional. With professional landscape design, you can build an outdoor retreat, perfect for relaxing, spending time with family and entertaining. Professional landscaping can also add value to your property, especially if you create an outdoor living space. Canadian Vintage Landscapes in Edmonton shares more:

Patios can increase resale value.

Not only will you enjoy your outdoor patio, you can feel good about the smart investment you’ve made after putting one in. In fact, patios are among the top top 10 features that buyers look for in a new house, according to a survey taken by the National Association of Realtors. Just like you, buyers want a space for outdoor living and are attracted to homes that have it.

Where can I put my patio?

When you hire Canadian Vintage Landscapes, they will work with you to create a landscape design that places your patio in the most ideal spot. Whether you want it accessible by the back door or kitchen door so moving meals in and out is easier or want it in a secluded or shady area of the yard, they can do that for you and ensure it flows well with the rest of your yard.

Most homeowners want their patio close to the house, but also desire privacy from the neighbours. In most fenced backyards, privacy isn’t an issue, but a landscape contractor can suggest planting trees or building a privacy wall in the yard if you want a little more seclusion.

What will my patio be made of?

Paving stone is an attractive and cost-effective choice for your backyard patio. You can also use it for your walkways, fire pit area, driveway and other hardscape features of your yard. This material is durable and very versatile in style and design. It’s perfect for those wanting an attractive, low-maintenance option for their outdoor spaces.

Choices for paver stone includes:

Natural stone: Using natural stone pavers will give your living space a charming and earthy quality. The stone is sourced from natural rock outcroppings and will give you a completely unique patio, since no two stones in nature are alike. This type of stone looks best near vegetation and grasses.

Brick: Brick has been a reliable building material for centuries. Add uniformity and a vintage feel to your outdoor living space with a brick paver patio. It is timeless in style and looks great with other landscaping accents as well as the natural elements in your yard.

Concrete: Concrete paving stones are unique in their own way. They are created to withstand the elements and heavy traffic and comes in a huge array of shapes, sizes and colours. Versality and endurance are the main reasons why homeowners choose this for their patios and other outdoor landscaping features.

Landscapers in Edmonton

Canadian Vintage Landscapes puts in the extra effort to ensure phenomenal work. They can harness the beauty of nature and focus that so it can shine through your property to create a warm, welcoming and functional outdoor living area. Construct a landscape where the trees, shrubs, and sod all come together to energize the children and draw in your guests.

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