Enlarging your basement windows

Enlarging an older basement window

In older homes, most basement windows are small. Not only does this affect the amount of natural light let into the space, it can also be a safety issue and in some cases, are not up to current building code. If you have bedrooms in the basement, you should have egress windows that are compliant to recent code installed in those rooms at the very least. QualiGlass Windows & Doors Ltd. in Edmonton shares more:

What is an egress window?

Simply put, an egress window is any window large enough, as defined by local building code, for safe entry and exit in the case of an emergency. The very definition of egress is ‘the action of going out of or leaving a place’.

The building code for Alberta states that an egress window in a basement bedroom must provide an unobstructed opening with a minimum area of 3.8 square feet. This area is measured between window sashes, jambs, sills and all opening hardware.

Egress basement windows provide an extra challenge, since they have to be installed a little below ground level. In addition to this clearance square footage, you also need a window well dug out from the window at least 30 inches to provide safe passage.

Read FAQs regarding bedroom window sizes.

Benefits of enlarging basement windows.

Safety: The main benefit of enlarging a basement window is increased safety, as mentioned above. Having larger basement windows will provide additional exits in your basement and are required by code for any sleeping spaces downstairs.

Natural Light: You’ll enjoy the increased amount of natural light you’ll have in the basement. A large window well and bigger window will break up the wall space, allow warm light in and make the whole space feel more open and brighter.

Energy Efficiency: Your older, drafty windows are costing you a lot in energy loss. QualiGlass Windows and Doors offers custom-built replacement vinyl windows that are energy efficient. That means less heat will escape from them, which is essential for keeping a basement feeling warm and cozy.

Property Value: Having new, energy efficient egress windows in the basement will also make the space more appealing to future home buyers, increasing the overall marketability and resale value of your home. This will come in handy if you decide to sell your house down the road.

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