Everything you need to know about wind damage and awnings

Retractable awnings provide shade on hot days and protection during rainy ones. They also cool your home and can be a stylish addition to any yard, and they’re low maintenance. However, they are susceptible to wind damage. If you consider purchasing a motorized retractable awning for your home, there is an easy way to avoid wind damage.

Solaris Canada in Edmonton carries retractable Sunesta awnings and accessories to protect it from high winds. Read these tips to prevent damage if you’re investing in an awning.

What are the effects of high winds?

Strong wind is the enemy of awnings. These forces of nature can knock your awning’s retractable arms out of alignment. Moreover, high winds can even damage the motor on mortised retractable awnings. In extreme cases, wind can rip the awning’s fabric or cause damage to the wall or roof where the awning is installed.

Can you fix wind-damaged awnings?

Usually, yes! Contact Solaris Canada to schedule a maintenance call if you suspect wind damage following an intense storm. Their experienced installers assess the damage and fix the issue. The awning often just needs an arm adjustment or part replacement.

How can I avoid wind damage?

Fortunately, there is an easy solution. Solaris Canada carries Somfy Wind Sensors. These wind sensors are discrete additions to any Sunesta retractable awnings. They sense wind speed and automatically retract your awning when it starts blowing a little too hard. To that point, you can customize your Somfy Wind Sensor to withdraw at a predefined wind level. For example, you may want your awning to retract for all moderate breezes (20 km/hour). Or, perhaps you only worry during a gale of 50 km/hour.

How does the Somfy Wind Sensor work?

Every 12 minutes, your Somfy Wind Sensor senses the wind-generated movement on the awning arms. Additionally, it has an auto-retract feature. If there is an abrupt wind movement, it immediately retracts the awning.

Can you install the Somfy Wind Sensor on my existing awning?

Yes! Somfy Wind Sensors can be installed at any time. This easy upgrade is a fantastic investment that can prolong the life of your awning. However, there may be an installation fee if you add a Somfy Wind Sensor after your initial awning installation.

Do Somfy Wind Sensors work on fixed awnings?

No. Somfy Wind Sensors only work on motorized awnings.

Motorized and Retractable Awnings in Edmonton

Solaris Canada carries a range of products to enhance your home or business. For example, they offer screen, shade, and security solutions. These come in the form screens, panels, umbrellas, and shutters. Additionally, they stock awnings (both retractable and fixed) and accessories such as wind sensors. They are specialists in innovative and functional designs.

Contact Solaris Canada today!

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