Everything you need to know about Flexstone Coatings

Do you want to increase your deck’s durability and longevity and make it waterproof? Then you should consider installing a Flexstone waterproof membrane. This is a premium waterproofing solution offered by some deck builders in Edmonton. Chephren Building Solutions are proud to provide Flexstone for decks, flat roofs, and other residential and commercial applications.

What is Flexstone?

Flexstone is a polyurethane-based cold-applied liquid coating. It’s an ideal waterproofing solution for decks, flat roofs, balconies, garage floors, sundecks, and more. It offers extensive waterproofing protection while simultaneously boasting beautiful aesthetics. In addition, Flexstone is long-lasting and incredibly durable.

How many finishes are available?

There are two finishing options available. System X has a luxuriously textured stone finish, perfect for residential applications where appearance is essential. It is available in four attractive colours. On the other hand, System S is mostly for large-scale commercial projects and not for residential applications. It is a standard colour coat well-suited for parkades, industrial floors, flat roofs, and more. The finishes are flexible, UV stable, and have the same lifespan.

Is Flexstone slippery?

Neither Flexstone finish is slippery. System S contains silica sand for grittiness, whereas System X uses acrylic chips. Again, you can customize the amount of texture to ensure you get the level of traction you need.

Is it easy to repair my Flexstone deck?

One significant advantage that sets Flexstone apart from other waterproof decking solutions (such as vinyl) is how easy it is to repair. Various levels of damage are simple, straightforward, and quick to fix. With minimal effort, your deck will look new again! Any cracks or gouges are filled with a small amount of base coat, whereas burns or marks are sanded away. Then, the top coat is reapplied to that area.

Is it easy to change my deck finish?

Yes! Although Flexstone lasts for decades, you don’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. Updating the colour or finish is easy if you want a change. Perhaps you’ve updated the colour of your home and want your deck, sidewalk, or sundeck to match. Or maybe you just purchased a new property and would prefer a colour better suited to your personal tastes! Regardless, updating your Flexstone coating is simple. Chephren Building Solutions simply applies a new top coat and clear coat to your existing Flexstone coating.

Does Flexstone work on flat roofs?

It’s easy to convert your flat roof into the perfect outdoor patio or sundeck with a Flexstone waterproof membrane. Thanks to Flexstone deck coatings, flat roofs in Edmonton can withstand heavy foot traffic, UV damage, dramatic temperature fluctuations, and pooling water. Furthermore, Flexstone flat roofs look great.

Choose Flexstone for your deck or flat roof!

Flexstone is the optimal waterproofing solution for decks, patios, flat roofs, balconies, and more. This durable membrane extends your deck’s lifespan and boosts your property’s curb appeal. It’s also easy for experienced deck contractors, like Chephren Building Solutions, to install or repair.

Chephren Building Solutions are experienced deck builders. Edmonton-based, they are an authorized dealer and distributor of Flexstone coatings. Their trained team delivers long-lasting and quality workmanship alongside excellent customer service.

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