Expert Tips for Painting to Sell Your Home

A paint job is the most cost-effective way to completely transform the look and feel of your home. A fresh coat of paint can turn a shabby space into a clean, modern and updated one. If you are planning on selling your home now or later, Surrey Painters can help you make a better impression on those future buyers. Plus, painting the home will increase your property’s resale value too.

Painting to sell a home should be approached a little differently than painting for personal taste. When done wisely, it can have a great return on investment and help with the sale of your property. Here are some tips from Blue Chip Painting in Surrey:

Touch up the trim.

Interior trim, including the baseboards, window and door frames, can take a beating over the years. Sometimes just painting the trim with a fresh, semi-gloss white can improve the look and feel of a space. If the trim looks worse for wear and is covered with dings, dents and blemishes, touch it up before you list your home for sale.

Choose colours that appeal to the masses.

Every experienced real estate agent will tell you to choose neutral colours when painting a home to put on the market. Light, natural colours will appeal to a greater number of people than bright or bold colour choices. Colours like light grey, white, cream and beige are all good options. It will lighten up the space and allow buyers to imagine their own furniture and décor in the room. A bold colour, while it might be your favourite, could turn off potential buyers. Read more about fool-proof paint colours that will sell your home.

Avoid using products that are not environmentally friendly.

When you hire painters in Surrey, like Blue Chip Painting, they will use paint products that have low or no VOC. VOCs are volatile organic compounds and they’re found in some construction products including paint. While they’re becoming less common, cheaper products can still contain VOCs. These products emit and off-gas that produces a chemical smell. It’s bad for the environment and your health too. No buyer will be impressed with your paint job if it stinks and is toxic to their health.

Don’t forget the exterior.

Some homeowners won’t want to invest in an entire exterior paint job before selling, but there are some smaller things you can do to increase curb appeal and resale value. One of those things is painting the front door and trim. If your front door is worn out, a fresh coat of paint can completely rejuvenate it and help your house stand out on the block. Just like touching up your interior trim, painting the exterior trim can also give your home the facelift it needs for a quick and profitable sale.

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