Explaining the Concrete Installation Process

Investing in new exterior concrete has many benefits. It can drastically improve curb appeal, provide more parking for vehicles, make clearing snow easier and help you maintain your property value.

1 OAK Concrete in Edmonton specializes in concrete installation for both residential and commercial projects. They have been a family-run business for three generations, with more than 50 years of experience in the concrete industry. They share some information on what you can expect when you install new concrete.

The process.


The first step is excavation and demolition of your current concrete. Whether it’s a driveway, concrete pad or patio, 1 OAK Concrete will take care of removing and disposing of all that old concrete. This gives them a fresh, clean slate to work with.


Before anything is installed, they will put in the form work. This is like the framing for your concrete installation. This job requires lots of experience to ensure it’s done right. Without proper formwork, the overall result will not be successful.

Sub-grade prep:

The sub-grade is also prepared. Compacting and prepping the sub-grade as per commercial project standards will ensure your new concrete is strong, durable and long-lasting. The pros at 1 OAK Concrete will explain to you what your specific sub-grade requires prior to installation.

Reinforcement and installation:

After the area is reinforced, installation of the concrete can begin. First it is poured while the 1 OAK Concrete team carefully spreads and finishes it. You can choose from a range of concrete finishes including broom, exposed aggregate, stamped and decorative concrete finishes.


Ask 1 OAK Concrete about what sealer will work best for your specific concrete project. The sealer used will depend on the finish you’ve chosen, but there are still some choices inside of that. Sealers will help protect the concrete from the weather, including damaging freeze and thaw cycles we have in Alberta.

Contraction joints:

Contraction joints will also be placed in the concrete slabs to control cracking from the weather. They are designed to make cracks happen in a predictable manner at a precise location to make repairs easier in the future. Click here to view images of concrete preparation and installation.

Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

There is a reason they are called One of A Kind and it starts with great customer service and a simple desire to do high quality work. 1 OAK Concrete puts customer first and this is very noticeable throughout the process. The attention to detail brought to every project and the cleanliness of every job site as a team to make your experience one of a kind.  They are a family-run company that has been serving customers loyally since 1967, that is over three generations! When experience means everything, you can count on their dedicated team to bring your next dream project to reality at a fair price and most of all – built to last.

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