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Along with enhancing the value of your home, a deck gives you a usuable outdoor living space to barbeque, dine, entertain , and enjoy the outdoors. Summer is here and more homeowners are wanting to spend more time outdoors. Here is share some information on your new deck addition:

Options for Decking Materials:

There are a variety of decking materials on the market and your choice will be depending on the amount of maintenance you want to do, your deck design and budget.

Wood (Cedar) Decking

The most popular real-wood decking material is cedar. You’ll love the way cedar decking looks and smells, giving your outdoor living space a rich and natural ambiance. Unlike other woods, cedar doesn’t absorb moisture as quickly providing a flat and straight decking surface that won’t warp and split.

Your cedar decking must be cleaned, sealed or stained in order to keep it from turning grey in the sun and losing it’s warm colour. It’s a soft wood, so it can get gauges and scrapes easily from your patio furniture or barbeque. Without any maintenance your cedar deck will last about 10 years. It will last over 25 year with yearly maintenance including cleaning, sealing and periodic board replacement to remove any rough areas. Generally, cedar decking costs more than pressure treated lumber and less than composite decking.

Pressure Treated Decking:

According to an article in Popular Mechanics, 75 percent of all new decks are covered with pressure-treated decking including the posts, beams, and joists. It is the most economical choice for Canadian home owners seeking a low-maintenance, affordable wood decking option. The chemicals in pressure-treated decking should deter rotting, fungus and bugs. To increase the lifespan of your pressure-treated deck consider giving it an annual clean with a power washer and giving it a coat of wood preserver or stain every few years.

Composite Decking:

Composite decking is the answer for homeowners who want a virtually maintenance-free deck. Most composite decking materials are made from a recycled plastic combined with wood chips or saw dust. This material will stand up in all weather without splitting or warping like pressure-treated or cedar decking. It will never require sanding or staining, and besides naturally fading from the sun, you can have your composite deck looking like new again with the occasional clean with soapy water. Composite decking is the most expensive option.   It comes in several natural colours and you could consider staining it after four to six months if you wanted the change.

Deck designs:

When designing a deck it is important to consider that the addition perfectly fits with your existing home structure, space and lifestyle. Decks are available in rustic, traditional and contemporary styles. For a modern look, a simple shaped deck with clean lines would be an ideal choice. A curved shape will give a unique but natural style. For classic charm, you can opt for deck with octagon corners. Decks can also be designed with decorative railings and other ornamental elements like planter boxes, built in benches and amazing features like outdoor hot tub, bar, or kitchen.

Hiring a professional deck builder that is experienced in both deck design and carpentry will ensure you build a deck that will best suit your needs and personal taste. When you hire a professional deck builders in Edmonton, they can take the materials from your old deck and make custom furniture out of it too!

Value added:

Adding a deck to your property can be a smart investment and the cost will be partly recovered with the added value it brings to your home. Outdoor living spaces are extremely desirable and make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

A new deck can be made to fit any design and budget, and meet a huge variety of purposes. Taking time to know about the different options and choose what best suffices your needs guarantees a beautifully designed outdoor space.

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