Exterior cleaning services to boost curb appeal

If you feel overwhelmed by the to-do list around your home or out of your depth with keeping the exterior clean, an exterior cleaning service can help. They can tackle your home’s exterior cleaning, perform maintenance, and correct issues before they become big problems.

ClearWest Services in Vancouver provide exceptional exterior cleaning services. Their staff are professionally trained and licensed to ensure high-quality results. Here is how they can help improve your home and curb appeal:

Window washing

Washing windows is one of those chores that most homeowners don’t get to as often as they should. Not only is it a tedious task, but upper windows can be difficult and unsafe to reach without the proper equipment. ClearWest Services offers exterior window washing, including skylight washing. They will scrape, wash, and squeegee your windows for a spotless and streak-free clean. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the crystal clear view!

Gutter cleaning

Gutter, window, and siding maintenance are essential. If improperly maintained, your house runs a serious risk of water damage. For example, cracked, clogged, or leaky gutters have a shorter lifespan and fail to divert water away from your home. Meanwhile, water can enter your home through the cracks in deteriorating siding, and worn-down windows can let water in and let heat out. This can cause damage and result in higher heating bills.

When ClearWest Services cleans your gutters, they’ll make sure they’re completely free of debris. In addition, they’ll check and clean your downspouts. All material removed will go into your green bin for disposal. Then, you can rest easy knowing your eavestroughs are cleaned and able to provide ample drainage for the upcoming season.

Moss removal

A mossy roof doesn’t last as long. Moss damages your roof, meaning you’ll have to replace it sooner than predicted. This is because moss is essentially a sponge. It holds onto water, and eventually, this moisture can leach through your roof. This results in water damage to the actual structure of your home. Fixing this comes with a big price tag. So, it’s better to remove the moss quickly before it causes a much larger issue. Learn more about moss removal.

Handyman Services in Vancouver

ClearWest Services provide expert handyman services to homeowners in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. They offer interior and exterior maintenance, house washing, roof repair, and gutter cleaning. Their professionally trained staff deliver superb craftsmanship alongside fantastic customer service.

Contact ClearWest Services today!

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