Exterior painting: benefits of elastomeric for your stucco

Painting the exterior of your home does more than just boost curb appeal; it boosts your home’s protection. With stucco exteriors, in particular, the right layer of paint will help protect your stucco for years. Elastomeric paints, specifically, are the perfect choice for added support and protection for stucco walls.

Perry Wellington Professional Painters in Winnipeg are a professional interior and exterior painting company. They specialize in Exterior Elastomeric Stucco Coatings and share its benefits for your home:

What is elastomeric paint?

While painting the exterior of your home has many aesthetic benefits, it has just as many practical advantages. With wind, rain and snow, the exterior of your home receives a lot of wear and tear. Paint acts as a second layer of protection, but elastomeric paint is an even better protective choice. Its design works to protect masonry surfaces and specifically stucco exteriors. Elastomeric paint is also tintable, so you can change the exterior look of your home too!

Elastomeric coatings is applied much like paint, but elastomeric has a much higher solids count than paint. Because of this, the coatings are much more flexible and durable, perfect for the outdoors. Once the coating dries, it remains flexible while offering an absolute waterproof seal. Before you can paint your stucco, it must be paint ready! Check out these maintenance tips and checks to ready your stucco for painting.

Benefits of elastomeric coatings

The main benefit of elastomeric coatings is their ability to create a waterproof seal on your home and stucco. Eventual wear and tear may cause stucco to crack, but elastomeric can seal those cracks. Once applied as well, the elastomeric will act as a protective layer for your stucco from intense weather. Even after the coating dries, it keeps its flexibility and movement.

Elastomeric coating is also an energy-efficient option as it both retains heat and is UV resistant. Even during the summer months, your house will remain cool and your energy bills low! While paint may be a lower-cost option, elastomeric coatings will last for many years to come. By sealing out any dirt, it’ll also keep your stucco low-maintenance. Any dirt on the stucco is easily washed off with a bit of water and soap as needed.

Leave it to the pros

While the elastomeric coating is applied the same way that paint is, it still requires a certain amount of skill. Professional painters, such as Perry Wellington Professional Painters, specialize in applying elastomeric coatings. They have the experience and skills needed to provide a professional and quality ensured finish. Having a professional painter not only saves time and stress, but it helps boost your home’s value. You’ll get a quality finish and the work of a qualified professional, which will appeal to potential buyers.

Painters in Winnipeg

Perry Wellington Professional Painters pride themselves in offering only exceptional, quality services. They offer repairs and painting for drywall, palter, stipple and more. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal in all their work, for a guaranteed positive experience.

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