Exterior renovations that will transform your curb appeal

Good exterior renovations are just as necessary as interior renovations. You want to ensure your home looks great, is efficient, and is well protected from the elements. Even just a few simple changes can transform your home and boost its curb appeal in a big way.

Amplified Construction Ltd. in Surrey is a professional home renovation company that offers exterior renovations and siding installation. They share some exterior renovation ideas that’ll transform your home:

Change the exterior finish

Whether your home’s exterior is old or needs repairs, replacing the exterior finish offers a significant visual change. Amplified Construction provides all types of siding, like stucco cladding and a full range of exterior trim, including fascia boards and soffits. Wood siding is an excellent option natural look to your home, while a brick or stone veneer adds a sleek, modern style. Paint is another option if you have siding, as a splash of bold colour can make your home stand out in the neighbourhood.

Add a deck

Whether on the front or back, having a deck is a great way to add new outdoor living space to your home. A deck to the front helps boost curb appeal and visually expands the space. A front or back deck can expand your living space to the outdoors and add value to your home.

Different deck materials like composite, treated, and cedar each add a unique look to your home. Staining or painting a wood deck is a great way to customize that new deck to your home’s architecture. 

Update the doors and windows

New windows and doors are a two-in-one change that will benefit your interior and exterior. From the inside, spacious new windows can help allow a flood of natural lighting into your home. The frames inside can also be painted a different colour to customize the indoors. From the outside, new windows help add a sense of elegance and potential height to the homes. Windows also come in various styles and sizes to suit your home’s architecture or add a fresh look. With a new front door, you can enjoy boosted security and add that feature front entrance to your home. Add a bright splash of colour to really make it pop and draw attention to any passerby. 

In addition to visual appeal, new windows and doors will significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. They will boost thermal performance year-round, lower the strain on your HVAC system, and lower monthly energy bills.

Add a fence

Does your front yard have a fence? If not, now is a great time to consider adding one. A fence doesn’t just have to add privacy; it can be used to add unique appeal and décor to your yard. For example, small, white picket fences are a beautification option to add some quaint aesthetics. On the other hand, if security or privacy is a priority, a taller fence will ensure your kids and pets are safe in the yard while adding beauty to your outdoor space. Metal, vinyl, or wood fences are all material options that can complement your home’s new siding and complete your exterior renovation. 

Exterior Renovations in Surrey

Amplified Construction began in 2018 with a core focus on customer satisfaction and providing quality services. Their team provides high-quality interior and exterior repairs and renovations that transform your home and add value to your property. If you’re ready for a change, connect with Amplified Construction. 

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