Exterior renovations to improve your home

Your home’s exterior is responsible for keeping the interior safe and protected from water, wind, and storms. A well-kept and updated exterior will boost curb appeal and improve resale value. Additionally, creating liveable spaces outside encourages you to spend more time relishing in the entirety of your property.

Legacy Exteriors and Roofing in Edmonton offer various home improvement services, including exterior renovations.


Maintaining your roof is crucial for protecting your home from the elements. Winter storms, hail, and extreme winds can hurt your roof, leaving your home vulnerable to water damage. Therefore, it’s essential to have your roof specialist check for damage and make repairs- especially after winter! If your roof has been severely damaged, it should be replaced. In that case, your roofer can recommend the best material for your home. Nowadays, there is a wide range of materials, styles, and colours to choose from, so you can find something that matches your budget and personal preference.


Siding is critically important in protecting your home from leaks and other damage. It also plays a role in your home’s overall curb appeal and attractiveness. At Legacy Exteriors and Roofing, homeowners can choose from vinyl, steel, and wood siding. Each material has its own advantages.

For example, vinyl is durable, fade-resistant, attractive, and requires little maintenance. Likewise, steel siding is strong and long-lasting. Wood looks beautiful and is a natural insulator but requires ongoing maintenance to keep it looking great.


Decks are fantastic for increasing the value of your home and the functionality of your yard. Installing a deck helps you get more out of the space you have. They come in a variety of materials and colours to match any aesthetic.

Wood, composite, and vinyl are three decking options provided by Legacy Exteriors and Roofing. Different paints and stains can transform the wood to match any colour scheme, while vinyl comes in various hues. Similarly, composite decks are available in a variety of colours. Learn more about wood and composite decks.

Outdoor living space

An outdoor living space is more than just a deck or patio. It’s somewhere that has been custom designed for you based on your personality and lifestyle. The experienced specialists at Legacy Exteriors and Roofing work with you to create the perfect outdoor space that encourages you to live more of your life outside. This process involves understanding your unique vision and selecting the best features for you. For example, maybe you want sun coverage, so some source of rolling shade is needed. Or perhaps you envision rcozy lighting for night use. You can also choose from an outdoor fireplace, furniture, a bar, or a kitchen. 

Legacy Exteriors and Roofing

Legacy Exteriors and Roofing provide a variety of home improvement and repair services to homeowners in Edmonton. They specialize in residential roof construction and offer repairs, gutter cleaning, siding installation, and more. No matter the project, they deliver quality workmanship and professional service.

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