Exterior siding mistakes to avoid

While a new siding installation can improve the appearance of your home and add value to your property, there are some important things to consider if you’re embarking on this exterior upgrade. Here are some siding mistakes some homeowners make that you should try to avoid!

Going too cheap on siding products.

Siding companies might have cheaper products available, but just because they have the least expensive price tag doesn’t mean they’re the best choice. Just like any home renovation, choosing a quality product will always pay off in the end. The last thing you want is to have to pay for another siding installation because the inferior products you chose didn’t pass the test of time. Ask to see a few brands and types of siding, if they come with a warranty and do your research before you buy.

Bad DIY siding installation.

If you’re thinking about saving some money by doing this job yourself, you might want to reconsider. Siding companies in Calgary know the ins and outs of this exterior home renovation project. They have the proper tools and equipment to cut each panel and plank to the right length and a crew of installers to help get the job done more efficiently.

Siding installation can also be a dangerous job, since you’ll need to be on ladders and even scaffolding depending on the height and design of your home. Think carefully about the time and effort you’ll have to invest in this DIY project, and whether you even have the skills and abilities. If you’re unsure, leave it to professional siding contractors.

Planting trees and shrubs too close to the house.

If you’ve just completed a new siding installation and are following it up with some new landscaping, be careful about the bushes and plants you plant close to the house. Some shrubs can hold moisture and keep that moisture close to your house all the time. Though siding is made to prevent rain from getting in, having that much moisture in one place constantly is a bad thing and it can start to penetrate to the materials beneath the siding and into your walls. Large trees and bushes with stronger roots can also damage your foundation and drainage pipes and should be planted a good distance from your exterior walls.

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Getting too bold with colour combinations.

Whether you’re painting your wood siding, installing vinyl siding or investing in a coloured stucco siding installation, be careful not to get too crazy with your colours and styles. Not only can you end up with clashing colours on your home’s exterior, colours that are too unique to your personal taste could make your home difficult to sell if you ever decide to. If you plan on staying in your home for the unforeseeable future and those are the colours that will make you the happiest, do it (if your neighbourhood’s architectural guidelines allow it). If you think you might sell and want to add more resale value to your home, stick with popular and more neutral siding colours. Ask experienced siding contractors for help choosing colours and read these tips for choosing siding colours.

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