Factors that affect the cost of your excavation project

Whether you need to excavate to install a new foundation or repair an existing one, it’s helpful to understand the costs. While different projects require different processes, equipment, and budgets, some common factors impact the bottom line.

Maxx Construction in Calgary offers fast, friendly, and professional construction services. They are fully equipped to handle all your excavation needs and provide free consultations to assess your project. From there, they work to find a solution that suits your budget. Here are some things that can impact the cost of your excavation project.

The type and size of the project

The scope of the project hugely impacts the cost. For example, are you installing a new foundation? Or are you replacing an existing, damaged foundation? A new commercial installation looks very different than a more minor residential excavation. Similarly, the foundations of large houses bear more weight than smaller homes.

Furthermore, different types of projects call for other processes. They also have different deadlines. Therefore, the price varies substantially. As you would expect, the physical size of the project also contributes to the cost. For example, excavating and installing the foundation for a new, large commercial building requires more time and labour than digging a trench for a buried pipe.

How much labour is needed

How much labour your project needs for excavation is tied to the scale and purpose of the project. Naturally, the larger the project, the more labour it will require. Certain projects may also need specialists, like surveyors or complex machine operators.

Equipment needs

Excavation tools and machinery are essential to successful excavation and foundation repair projects. These machines make the process easier and faster. However, they do come with additional costs. Typically, contracting companies will charge an additional fee for their heavy machinery. This is something to be aware of but not shy away from! Modern-day excavations and foundation installations (and repairs) require these machines to deliver the highest quality result as quickly as possible.

When hiring a contracting company, ask if they have their own machines. Maxx Construction in Calgary has its own Bobcat and excavator for your excavation and foundation repair projects.

The type of soil being excavated 

Even the type of soil affects excavation costs. Certain soils complicate the excavation process, thus raising the price. Because hard, stony soil is harder to excavate, the whole project takes longer to complete. On the other hand, soft soil is easier to dig and won’t result in delays.

The quality of the soil has other implications for your new foundation. For example, different soil quality affects what kind of drainage you need. Improper drainage can lead to unstable soil under your foundation. When that happens, your foundation can sink!

If repairing an existing foundation, the severity of the issue

If you’re excavating to repair an existing foundation, the severity of the damage will impact the cost. It’s essential to have a stable foundation. Problems in the foundation can be widespread. Poorly installed foundations on improperly compacted soil tend to shift and sink. This can lead to bowing walls, large cracks in the ceiling and walls, and doors that no longer fit in their door frame. Additionally, cracks in the foundation often mean leaks and moisture getting into your house.

Excavation Contractors in Calgary & Foundation Contractors in Calgary

Maxx Construction is a leading contractor in Calgary. They provide various services, including basement window installation, trench digging, concrete demolition, excavation, and foundation repair. Maxx Construction is fully equipped and licensed to complete your projects quickly and professionally.

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