Factors that play into a functional window replacement

If you are upgrading the exterior of your home, consider also upgrading your windows. Not only do windows play a role in overall curb appeal, but it also plays into function and energy savings. 

Networx Windows, Doors & Exteriors in Langely is a professional windows and doors company. They share what functional factors to look for when choosing new windows:

Easy to open and clean

Unless you specifically choose a picture window (one that does not open), an easy-to-open window is beneficial. Harder to-open windows just risk causing annoyance or unnecessary wear. Additionally, you want your windows to open quickly in the case of a house fire emergency. Windows that open using a crank, like an awning or casement style, open and close easily using the rotating crank. That also makes it easier to clean because it’s more accessible.

Simple to close and secure

A crank window is an excellent option if you upgrade your windows as part of an aging-in-place renovation. You want the cranks to be easy to close, with little strain on the joints. Plus, a casement window provides an airtight seal when closed and in the lock position, improving energy efficiency.

As for security, a casement window is one of the safest options as it can’t be opened from the outside. Of course, extra security measures can be added to any window, such as locks or blocks that prevent it from sliding open. However, windows with built-in security are a great feature to include when choosing an upgrade.

Airtight and free of drafts

Are your old windows letting in drafts or allowing hot air to escape from your home in the winter? That’s a key reason to upgrade your windows, and choosing the right features is essential. In any window style, double or triple-pane glass will provide a barrier in your home from escaping air. Sturdy frames with proper insulation likewise create that airtight seal that blocks drafts.

Colours and visuals play a role

In addition to looking at the function of a window, the way it looks is important. Choosing a colour that compliments your home’s exterior or plays into the landscape colours is a great start. You can work within existing colours to make your home more attractive and boost curb appeal. Another option is going for a bolder look and painting the windows and different colours to make them pop instead. If you need ideas on choosing the right colours, just talk with Networx Windows about the best options.

Windows in Langley

Networx Windows, Doors and Exteriors pride itself on providing quality windows and doors that improve your home’s efficiency, security, and aesthetics. Their team brings years of experience to every project, big or small. From new windows, upgraded doors or exterior renovations, they’ll ensure your investment brings value to your property.

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