Fall maintenance checklist for gutters, soffit, and fascia

As winter approaches, seasonal maintenance is essential to ensure your home is protected and ready for the colder weather. Your home’s exterior acts as the first layer of defence against the weather. You should inspect your siding and roofing for damage and have it repaired and replaced before the snow hits.

Another essential system of your house’s exterior is the eavestroughs, soffit, and fascia. Chinook Exteriors offers repairs and exterior renovations in Calgary. They share this fall maintenance checklist for these vital components of your home’s roofing system.

Eavestrough maintenance checklist

Clean out the gutters: Gutter cleaning is essential to your roof’s drainage system this winter. Ensure they’re clear of leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other debris. If you have gutter guards, make sure you check and clean those too. If you’re not comfortable on a ladder, hire a company to clean your gutters for you.

Check for damage: Separation between the gutters and the fascia can cause issues. If water from rain and melting snow are running off your roof, it needs to flow directly into the eavestrough. If it’s falling off the side of the roof before it hits the gutter, you’ll run into problems. Pooling water around your home can damage your foundation or cause flooding in the basement. Plus, water running over your wood fascia board can cause premature rot. If you see separation or other damage, Chinook Exteriors can provide repairs or replacement for your eavestroughs in Calgary.

Check downspouts: Your downspouts are responsible for bringing that runoff water out and away from your home. Make sure they’re not clogged, and they’re directing water about 10 feet from your home’s foundation.

Fascia maintenance checklist

Inspect for damage: Walk around your home and do a visual inspection of your wood fascia board. Look for signs of splits or cracks in the wood, peeling paint, wet spots, mould or mildew growth. The damaged fascia should be repaired or replaced before winter.

Check for rot: If you suspect water damage, and feel comfortable on a ladder, check the wood fascia for rot. Push a screwdriver into the board in suspect areas. If it’s soft and goes into the wood, it means the wood is wet, rotting, and needs replacement.

Replace damaged fascia: The fascia protects your home from pests, excess moisture and supports the eavestroughs. If it’s damaged or rotten, Chinook Exteriors can replace it with a high-end aluminum fascia board. This metal fascia alternative looks great, is durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance.

Soffit maintenance checklist

Inspect for damage: A visual inspection will determine if your soffits are physically damaged. Look for signs of rot, sagging, or separation from the roof edge or siding edge. Chinook Exteriors can repair your damaged soffit in Calgary.

Check for signs of poor ventilation: Soffits play a role in your home’s ventilation system. Excess moisture in areas of your home can indicate they’re failing. Look for signs of condensation on the upper walls or ceiling and watermarks on beams in the attic.

Repair or replace damaged soffit: You should replace the compromised soffit before winter. Chinook Exteriors offers an aluminum soffit solution that is superior to wood options. Improve aesthetics, ventilation, and ensure no pests make a home in your attic this winter with new soffits.

Trust the professionals at Chinook Exteriors for exterior upgrades, including new siding, eavestroughs, fascia, and soffits. They offer comprehensive exterior renovation and repair services and can help ensure your home is protected this winter.

Get started on your fall home maintenance. Call Chinook Exteriors today!


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