Fall Maintenance To-Do List: Windows, Clean Up, and Gutters

Canada’s weather is unpredictable, and if your home is not prepared for it, it could cause some damage before spring arrives. Some cleaning or repairs are ideally done before the snowfall, otherwise, it’ll be more challenging with the snow and cold. AdelCo Home Services in Vancouver share how you can get your home’s exterior ready for winter. They focus on three areas: window cleaning, gutters, and general repairs.

Gutter cleaning and repair

Having a clean gutter is crucial to avoid flooding or water build-up around your home. Especially in autumn, there’s likely plenty of leaves up there waiting to cause problems. Having them properly cleaned out before winter will prevent flooding from occurring and causing future damage to your home. These damages can include leaks, foundation issues, staining, rotting, and your gutter may even fall off from the extra weight. Gutter cleaning is a great and necessary option to keep your home safe through the rainy winter, and all year-round. The cleaners will also be able to inform you of any necessary repairs your gutters may need during the cleaning process. Adelco Home Services offers gutter repair, so your home will be in tip-top shape for the wet season ahead.

Window cleaning

The cleaners at AdelCo Home Services rely on the traditional way of cleaning windows. Your windows will get a great quality wash with no streaks or spots. With the use of pure water and the proper cleaning tools, your windows are in great hands. Cleaning your windows is a time-consuming task. If your home is multiple levels, it can be dangerous as you’ll have to climb up onto ladders and possibly the roof. It’s a job best left for the professionals. You’ll be happy to be looking through crystal clear windows as you spend time indoors during the colder months.

Pressure washing

Going further than windows, it may not be a bad idea to get the remainder of your house looking great too. Not only will dirt, stains, and other debris be removed in the process, but you’ll be able to look for any cracks or damages to your home’s exterior. Pressure washing works great for brick and stone, but you shouldn’t pressure wash vinyl siding unless you know what you’re doing. Its possible water can get between the slats and cause some issues. Consider a pressure wash for your home’s exterior to improve the look and find unknown damages.

While you’re at it, have AdelCo Home Services pressure wash other areas of your property. Your driveway, walkways, patio, and swimming pool can all be cleaned and inspected this fall.

Window Cleaning in Vancouver

AdelCo Home Services is a registered Cleaning Company in British Columbia. They are an owner-operated business providing professional and reliable cleaning services for residential and commercial customers. Their excellent services come highly recommended around their service areas because they operate with attention to detail than any other exterior cleaning company to give you the best quality results.

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