FAQs About Rubber Paving

If your concrete or asphalt driveway is cracked and damaged, consider rubber paving. This durable and attractive paving option is easy to clean, comes in a variety of colours, will not crack and is designed to take on the extreme temperature changes we have in the prairies. If you’re considering this effective paving option, you might have some questions and concerns. Prairie Rubber Paving in Edmonton answers some frequently asked questions.

How long does installation take?

Unlike demolishing, clearing and installing new concrete or asphalt, installing rubber paving usually takes no longer than a day to be applied. If you need a large, commercial application, it could take longer.

How long does it take for rubber paving to cure?

Just 24 hours! You can walk on your Prairie Rubber Paving surfaces 24 hours after it has been installed. You can drive over the surface after 3 days (72 hours). Concrete takes much longer to properly cure.

Will I have to reseal my rubber paving?

No, the patented Rubber FX system along with the best EPDM rubber on the market offered by Prairie Rubber Paving, is durable and resistant to UV exposure and harsh weather. You will not have to reseal the surface, making maintenance a breeze!

Does the rubber smell?

No, it will not smell. There will be a slight odour when the product is first installed, but that will fade away after it has cured in about 24 hours from installation.

Will the rubber paving crack like concrete or asphalt?

No, the Prairie Rubber Paving product is held together by urethane, which is as durable as the rubber granules themselves. You will not have to worry about your driveway, walkways or other surfaces cracking during thawing and freezing like you would a concrete surface.

Will the colours of my rubber paving fade in the sun?

No, the coloured rubber is coloured all the way through and Prairie Rubber Paving guarantees that the colour will not rub off over the years. When your paving is first installed it will have a glossy finish, but that will fade into a matte finish after it cures and stay that way.

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Can I remove snow from the rubber paving without damaging it?

Yes, snow removal via snow blowers or shoveling is made easier with rubber paving and it will not damage the surface. You won’t have to worry about your shovel or snow blower getting caught up on cracked concrete and can clear away snow easier than before.

Rubber Paving in Edmonton

Prairie Rubber Paving is Alberta’s premium rubber paving company. Using the highest quality synthetic rubber and polyurethane binders they create the safest and most durable surfaces on the market and are proud to serve residential and commercial clients all throughout Alberta.

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