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The goal of many renovations is to have a home reflect a style. New countertops can help with renovation-style goals, no matter the material. Between the countertop materials, you have colour, texture, and finish options, too. For example, some homeowners may want neutral tones, while others may be after flair with bright hues.

Persaj Countertops in North Vancouver have a wide range of products and materials to help your renovations reflect any style for any purpose. They can help you find suitable material with a countertop consultation and these quick material style guides. Persaj also works with signature countertop brands due to their exceptional quality.

Dekton countertops

Persaj Countertops in North Vancouver are authorized installers of Dekton composite stone products. Composite, or engineered stone, is a preferred choice for modern kitchen and bathroom renovations. With materials like Dekton, you have far more style choices than regular stone or concrete countertops.

For example, you can select a solid neutral colour, a combination of neutrals with a marbled effect, or a marble effect with glittery material. Dekton also comes in styles that imitate concrete or solid stone. The Dekton options can create a modern and clean look, a warm look, an industrial look, and more.

Silestone countertops

This is the most environmentally friendly countertop material offered by Persaj Countertops. Silestone countertops, a composite material, contain no less than 20% recycled products. There are three finish styles alone: polished, suede, or volcano (bumpy). In addition, Persaj can install a few brightly coloured Sensa styles like Posidonia Green, Cala Blue, or Arcilla Red.

Sensa countertop

Sensa is an excellent countertop option for those who want variety and a different or new look. It is a granite and quartzite composite material, and its most appealing feature is its stain resistance. But there are some style benefits to Sensa countertops, too. Persaj’s experts can install Sensa countertops in various fun and unique looks. For example, they can have texture even after polishing. In addition, Persaj works with Cosentino countertop products, a high-quality line that creates Sensa, Silestone, and Dekton materials.

Other countertop materials

Persaj can assist with professional installations and design consultations for marble, porcelain, and other natural stones. Natural and pure countertop materials will offer limited design and style choices than composite countertops. You will need to accept these countertops as they are in their natural state. Then, you can apply polishing and finishing to the natural materials to your liking.

Countertops in North Vancouver

Persaj Countertops in North Vancouver offers consultations and installations of their feature brands. Their feature countertop brands include Sensa Granite, Cambria Natural Stone Surfaces, Silestone quartz, and Dekton composite stone. In addition to these brands, Persaj’s professional installation team works with other quartz, marble, and porcelain. They use style and budget consultations to help you find the best material for your home’s style, maintenance requirements, and budget.

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