Five eco-friendly bathroom renovation ideas

Second to the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in any home, which is why it’s also no surprise that they are also a favoured choice when it comes to renovations. However, it’s also one of the rooms in your home that can be the source of the bulk of utility bills—especially water. So if you are planning on updating the look of your bathroom, why not update its functionality as well?

SPR Design & Build in Winnipeg shares their five tips when it comes to making your next bathroom renovation both dream-quality and eco-friendly:

Dual flush toilet

There was a time with older toilet models when a single flush would consume gallons of water and with it a sizeable chunk of your monthly water bill. Toilets today, however, have been built with more conscientious water consumption in mind. Installing a dual flush toilet, allows even more control on how much water you flush by including two flushing options.

Low-flow shower heads

Showers are another major water-guzzling culprit, especially if you enjoy long showers. Low-flow shower heads can decrease the amount of water consumed, which cuts back on the energy required to heat the water—saving money on two fronts.

Sky-lights and natural lighting

Installing sky-lights is not only a perfect way to give a renovated bathroom a new look, but it’s also a great way to save on electricity bills by using natural light. For any lighting you do install, go for compact fluorescent lamps—which use 50 to 80% less energy. Another option are LED bulbs, which last 40 times longer than incandescent.

Sustainable flooring

If you’re going to change your floor as well, it’s the perfect chance to install an eco-friendly flooring option. Linoleum, concrete, and reclaimed hardwood—with the right finishing—are popular and eco-conscientious choices. But less conventional ideas can include cork flooring, bamboo, or even rubber flooring. Look at more sustainable flooring inspiration.

Go for sustainable and green cabinets

Just as kitchen renovations can easily swap in eco-friendly cabinets, the bathroom is another great place to do the same. Material such as recycled wood, bamboo, or even recycled steel do not contain formaldehyde—a glue that gives off gasses into your air.

General Contractors in Winnipeg

SPR Design & Build are committed to helping create unique and functional designs, both in the bathroom and the kitchen, which match every want and need of their clients. They pride themselves on their quality of work and attention to detail to create unique renovations for every customer.

If you’re ready to design and transform your bathroom or kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact SPR Design & Build today!

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