Flat roof benefits and maintenance to help avoid repairs or damage

Flat roofs are a great choice for either a new home build or as a roof for a new extension. It is a quick and easy option to install, has a great return on value and compliments many decors. In fact, flat roofs are currently popular in home design. Like any roof, though, to retain its value, it must be properly maintained! Flat roofs particularly, can have costly repairs if left uncared for.

Pristine Roofing and Siding in Winnipeg are roofing experts for any repairs, installations or new construction. They share some maintenance tips to help keep your flat roof in top shape:

Flat roof benefits

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a flat roof is that it is an extremely budget-friendly option. Because the materials needed are cheaper, the installation quicker and the labour cost less expensive, it’s overall a very low-cost roof. Plus, another benefit is it can double as additional space. From a second outdoor space, a rooftop garden or an area to install your AC, a flat roof can double in its uses. It’s even an ideal space to install solar panels to save even more money on electricity!

Preventative maintenance is key

As with most maintenance, preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid it getting damaged or needing repairs. With flat roofs, in particular, catching minor issues early on will save plenty of expenses before the problem worsens. The best way to do so is to call in a professional for a routine roof inspection bi-annually. You want your roof winter-ready, as snow has the potential to cause problems, also in the spring as things warm up and melt. Make sure to always get any repairs done, no matter how minor they may seem. Most problems will be obvious, but some issues can be less so. Take a look at these silent signs that there is something wrong with your roof.

Remove snow during the winter

With areas that get lots of snow during the winter, it’s important to keep your flat roof clear. Too much snow build-up will apply pressure to your flat roof that can risk collapse in extreme cases. There is also the risk of snow melting and potentially causing ponding or freeze-thawing. Heavy snow weight on your roof can cause it to bow and result in ponds of water accumulating on the roof. If left alone, this can risk leaks and resulting water damage to your structure.

Freeze-thawing is where the snow melts but then quickly freezes again. As the water freezes, it will expand, and if it gets into any cracks, this causes further damage. Taking care to remove snow regularly from your roof will help avoid such risks occurring. Either clear the snow yourself or hire a professional to help safely remove any snow build-up.

Clear off any debris or dirt

Aside from keeping your roof clean, this is a great way to inspect your roof regularly. Too much debris build-up can add unwanted weight to your roof or invite unwanted pests. Sweep away any leaves or dirt to help keep the area clean, and inspect the roof for any cracks or loose screws. If you have a drainage system in place, make sure that it is also kept clear. A blocked drainage system means your roof won’t be able to drain properly, which invites the risk of water damage.

Roofers in Winnipeg

Pristine Roofing and Siding have over 20 years of service and experience for all roofing needs and problems. They offer roofing repairs, siding services, soffit and fascia and more. Whatever your needs, they have the experience and skills to help. Pristine Roofing and Siding prides themselves in ensuring your home is the safest it can be and at its highest value.

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