Four Custom Deck Options To Choose From!

It is not just your interior that should look visually spellbound, you should give equal importance to the exterior part of the home too. There are various ways you can make the exterior part of the home look beautiful and increase your curb appeal.

You can install new siding, replace your windows, repave your patio or driveway.  Or, you can go for a custom deck. There are various possibilities to explore to increase your home’s value and visual appeal.

Custom decks are an excellent add-on to your home as it looks beautiful extends the functional space of the home. In addition to that, it also gives you the space to sit back and relax with your friends and family. You can find solace there with your favorite drinks on weekends and it will surely worth single penny you spend on it.

A custom deck will give a new, charming look to your backyard where you can make memories with loved ones and cook out on the grill.

A custom deck offers the unlimited capacity to create your vision and imagination. Here is a list of best models your custom deck builders might suggest:

Platform Decks

Platform decks are the simplest one and are considered  a classic, with  superior design and a simple, elegant look. You can even decorate it with benches and other accessories such as built-in planters and gazebo section. It will surely be loved by everyone who is visiting your home. An additional space of your choice, what else you want?

Freestanding Decks

If you are looking for something unique and original, a freestanding deck may be the perfect solution. Freestanding decks, as the name suggests, stand apart from your home. With bolts, your deck is fixed with the home’s frame and it is a good option to choose for its potential design originality. It is generally built with footings, beams, and posts and can be built anywhere in your backyard.

Multi-level Decks

If you want/need even more space you can go for a multi-level deck that has multiple platforms joined by stairs or walkways. It looks great with a sloped backyard. A multi-level deck can be turned into a party place in just no time for family gatherings. And, if you have a swimming pool,  a multi-level deck makes a great compliment.

Raised Decks:

Raised decks look like a stretched balcony and offer a wonderful appearance. It will look appealing and it will make the whole ambiance unparalleled. You can install railings, stairways, and lattices to install a deck. However, when you are going for deck installation, it is recommended to take care of safety precautions.

Hiring a Deck Builder:

Now that you know different custom deck options, it is a time to hire a deck builder who can install the deck. Search online and you will find many custom deck builders offering superior deck installation services at best affordable rates. Take your time and choose the best one. Discuss your requirements and thoughts with the deck builder and he will do the rest.


Custom decks are the perfect compliment to any home and can quickly become a favorite place to gather family and friends. You can be sure that Smallwood Renovations is a name you can trust when you are looking for highly competent deck builders. The company has years of experience in building custom decks and can meet any deck requirements you desire.

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