Four home addition ideas to build instead of moving

If you have a growing family or your home’s layout just isn’t functional anymore for your lifestyle needs, you may be considering moving. Moving can be a great opportunity to find a new home that does fit your needs; however, if you love your current home, why move? If functionality is the issue, then consider installing a new home addition.

Home additions are both an investment to your home, as well as a solution for space and functionality. Additionally, it can save on the expenses and stress of having to move. Additions can be anything from a full expansion, a small extension, or just increasing the square footage of a room. Either way, an addition is the perfect investment if you love your home and want to make it even better. 

Jedan Brothers Contracting in Vancouver are professionals at home renovations and can easily transform your home into the perfect dream home. They share some home addition ideas that can increase the size of your house so that you can stay in your home:

1. Conventional house addition

A conventional addition means adding a new structure with multiple rooms to your home. It is built permanently onto your home and opens up into the main house, seamlessly expanding into your home. The great part of a conventional addition is that if you need both more space and more rooms, this covers both in one addition. The space can be used to create a new dining room, family room, add more bathrooms, bedrooms, or guest room. It can also be used to create an entire new master bedroom and bathroom for a luxurious new upgrade. This extension is also ideal if you are looking to update your home in general. Adding a multi-room addition, means you renovate the new space with a new look, and update the old for a completely new, modern home.

2. Room addition 

If space is an issue in your home or you have a growing family with dwindling bedrooms available, then an addition can create extra bedrooms. Depending on your needs, it can be just one extra room or two, or also adding an extra bathroom. It can also be used to expand the space in existing bedrooms to create more space and room for growth.

One of the most common bedroom additions is to add in a new master bedroom, or even a master suite. This can be particularly helpful if your home is an older style and doesn’t have a master bedroom. In the Remodeling Magazine’s cost vs. value report, a master suit addition can recoup as much as 60% of the cost. As such, it will be both an investment to yourself as well as to your home.

3. Kitchen or bathroom bump out

Similar to the idea of extending the space in a bedroom, an addition can mean just pushing the space out a little more. If you have a cramped kitchen, a few extra feet can give you the freedom to really remodel. Expanding the square footage opens up the possibility for an open-floor plan, a new island, or even adding a breakfast nook. You can also install more cupboards and storage and transform your old kitchen into a real house feature.

Likewise, a bathroom extension can be a huge pay-off when it comes to the quality of life. A small, cramped bathroom is both unfunctional and unappealing. Using an extension to add some more space opens up lots of possibilities. In a master bathroom, you can install dual sinks, a separate soaking tub or even a walk-out shower. Outside of a master bathroom, a bathroom extension can easily benefit from an addition by creating a Jack and Jill bathroom. Shared between two bedrooms and with two sinks, this bathroom adds both space and functionality to your home. On the main floor as well, a few extra feet can create just enough space to install a new powder room for guests or simply as extra convenience for yourself.

4. Sunroom

A sunroom addition is a great way to enjoy an outdoor space and still practically expand the square footage of your home. This addition can also easily be turned into a second living room or dining room, depending on how it is furnished. Adding heating to the room will also allow you to enjoy the space even in the middle of winter. Sunroom additions aren’t conventional, but they can easily offer multi-purpose use. Depending on your needs, it can also be used as a guest room, playroom for children or even a TV and entertainment room.

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Jedan Brothers Contracting has over 35 years of combined experience when it comes to home renovations and developments. They pride themselves in ensuring only the highest quality of work, service, and expertise. When you work with them, it is more than just an investment into your home, it is also an investment into the quality of your life.

If you love your home and want to transform it into a forever, dream home, then contact Jedan Brothers Contracting today!


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