Four reasons to refinish your hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, timeless, and valuable in any home. However, you will need to do some maintenance to keep the flooring in beautiful condition. If your floor is showing wear and has lots of scratches or damage, refinishing is an effective solution to give it new life.

Beaver Hardwood Flooring in Calgary shares reasons why you might refinish your hardwood floor:

The floor isn’t sealed properly

Have you noticed that your hardwood floor finish has changed into a greyish colour over the years? That change is not a natural sign of ageing. It is a sign of damage. Sometimes the seal on hardwood wears off, and water can get in and cause this damage. To check for proper sealing, pour a small amount of water where it looks worn. The seal is still intact if the water doesn’t seep in immediately and stays pooled. Make sure you’re using the correct cleaner for hardwood floors, as some household cleaners can cause damage. Learn more about hardwood floor cleaners.

Sunlight has damaged the floor

Take a careful look at the floor around your doors and windows where the sun streams in. After a while, the sun can actually cause your flooring’s colour to fade and not match the rest of your home. This is a sign that it’s time to sand and refinish so that it all matches again. Sometimes a floor rug can cover the floor, protecting it from the sun’s rays but will cause discolouration around it. Refinishing can fix this issue and ensure your floor is consistent again.

To prevent UV damage to your floors, invest in energy-efficient windows. Windows with low-E coatings can help block the UV from the sun shining in. You can also protect your floor with window coverings. Keep the coverings down during the sunniest parts of the day, especially if the windows are south-facing. There are protective window coverings on the market that will block the UV rays while still letting in some natural light.

Worn out finish and oxidization

The finish on your hardware can wear out over time. It can wear out from traffic, heavy use, and oxidation. Oxidation and wear and tear will change the colour of the floor over time. A few factors can cause oxidation, including moisture, air, and light. Plus, it happens more or less depending on the type of wood. Oxidation and worn-out finish can be slowed but are part of the wood’s ageing process. Fortunately, you can restore your floors with professional hardwood floor refinishing.

You want a change

Styles come and go, and that includes hardwood floor tones! You might want to refinish your dark brown hardwood floor with something lighter. Or, if you’re renovating a character home, you can refinish those honey oak floors to something modern. Refinishing the floor can do wonders for the look and feel of a room. Instead of replacing the floor, contact Beaver Hardwood Flooring to learn more about your refinishing options.

Hardwood Flooring in Calgary

Beaver Hardwood Flooring has extensive experience in all things hardwood floors. Whether you want a new hardwood floor for a home renovation or build or want to rejuvenate your existing floors, they are ready to get the job done. Their team of experts will show you your options, walk you through the process, and ensure your new floor is everything you want it would be.

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