Four things a handyman can take care of

Hiring a handyman is a great way to finally have someone else tackle that ever-growing to-do list, especially when you don’t have the time yourself. Different from a contractor, a handyman is a person with a wide range of various skills. These can be things such as finishing drywall, painting, installations, or even basic plumbing.

HGB Construction & Maintenance Services in Edmonton shares some of the types of jobs a handyman can easily take care of for you:

1. Minor plumbing

Unless serious plumbing is required, a handyman will easily be able to tackle around the house plumbing jobs. This can mean installing a new faucet, clearing a clogged drain, repairing or replacing your toilet, and fixing minor leaks. Many minor plumbing issues can be a DIY fix, but hiring a handyman takes away the stress from trying to do it yourself. A handyman who knows about plumbing, will also be able to come in and quickly and easily fix the problem in no time.

2. Basic electrical

Similar to plumbing, if more serious electrical work is needed, then hiring a licensed electrician is the safest way to go. Otherwise, if you find yourself with electrical fixes or installations building up, call in a handyman. Anything from hanging a ceiling fan or a lighting fixture, mounting a TV, or installing a new appliance, can easily be done. Calling on a handyman to help with these tasks also ensures that the job is done correctly and professionally.

3. Simple remodeling

When it comes to simple renovation projects such as painting or trimming, the list of things to-do can easily pile up and become overwhelming. A handyman, however, can easily take over and cover most simple renovation projects. Anything from painting, trim and door installation, installing shelves, adding backsplash, or finishing drywall, are easy tasks for a handyman. This is also a great way to save additional expenses and costs that would come from hiring a large renovation company. You still get the same quality of work, just at a lesser cost.

4. Exterior home care

Taking care of your home’s exterior is another place where a to-do list can easily wrack up, especially during the hotter or cooler months when it is easier to put off the task. Basic outdoor maintenance such as cleaning your gutters, caulking windows or repairing siding can easily be taken care of by a handyman. Many homeowners will either DIY these repairs. However, calling a handyman can save money, time and stress.

Handyman in Edmonton

HGB Construction & Maintenance Services ensures that no matter what project you need help with, their handyman services will professionally take care of it. They ensure both peace of mind and that the job is done right without all the stress.

Don’t hesitate to call for help, contact HGB Construction & Maintenance Services now!

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