Front yard landscape designs that can transform your home


A front yard is the first thing guests will notice when they walk up to your home or when driving past. If your front yard is starting to look unkept or has never been treated to a landscape makeover, it can take away from the overall appeal of your home and damage your curb appeal if you are looking to sell.

Here are ideas for landscaping designs that can help transform and raise the curb appeal of your front yard:

Add retaining walls and pathways to enhance the sloped look

A sloped front yard has a lot of design potential that can really turn it into a feature that will draw people in. However, it also runs the risk of looking like an erosion risk just waiting to happen, if there is no design to the slope. With a sloped yard, you want to work with the natural design, which is why retaining walls and pathways are so perfect. The walls offer structure and design such as a tiered appearance that is both tidy and maintained. Adding pathways add an inviting and elegant feel, that will create a clear welcome to your front door. 

Xeriscape for a bold look

Xeriscaping is an appealing way to conserve water and create a low-maintenance yard for anyone who doesn’t want the upkeep required of a regular yard. It’s also an ideal way to increase curb appeal and creates a yard that stands out from other green landscaped yards. It is both bold, yet naturalistic, and with a stone base you can play around between pebbles or large slabs of natural rock. Depending on what you pick, you can create a Mediterranean feeling yard or something sleek and modern.

Add a water feature

Backyards are usually reserved for the addition of a water feature, but that doesn’t mean your front yard can’t have one as well. No matter what style of feature you choose, it’s an instant way to majorly boost curb appeal and add a modern look to your yard. If you have a smaller yard, something simple such as a fountain or small waterfall can be the perfect way to add some character. For larger front yards, a small pond and waterfall can also really create an eye-catching and welcoming feature. Check out more front yard water feature ideas.

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