Front yard landscape designs that can transform your home

A front yard is the first thing guests notice when they walk up to your home or drive past. Unfortunately, if your front yard is starting to look unkept or has never been treated to a landscape makeover, it can take away from the overall appeal of your home and damage your curb appeal if you are looking to sell.

Gardening Gurus in Calgary offers garden design, landscaping, lawn care and maintenance services. Here they share some ideas for landscaping designs that can help transform and raise the curb appeal of your front yard:

Add retaining walls to enhance the sloped look

A sloped front yard has a lot of design potential that can turn it into a feature that draws people in. However, it also looks like an erosion risk just waiting to happen if there is no design to the slope. With a sloped yard, you want to work with a natural design, which is why retaining walls are perfect. The walls offer structure and design, such as a tiered appearance that is both tidy and maintained. Check out more front yard landscaping ideas for inspiration.

Plant a flower garden

Have you always wanted a beautiful flower garden but do not know where to start? Gardening Gurus offers garden design services. They can select a wide variety of plants that thrive in our climate and will thrive in your yard (sun or shade)! Your new garden will have complex layering, wide colour use, and look beautiful all season. It will truly stand out in the neighbourhood!

In addition, they offer garden maintenance services to ensure your flower garden stays looking great. This service is perfect for those without the time, physical ability, or green thumb to maintain the garden. Garden maintenance services include weeding, pruning, cultivating, edging, and dealing with pests and fungi that can harm your plants.

A new walkway

Adding front pathways can add an inviting and elegant feel that will create a clear welcome to your front door. On the other hand, damaged or sinking concrete can diminish curb appeal. If you have a crumbling walkway, consider installing a new one! Gardening Gurus understand the properties of the soil in Calgary, including its sinking and swelling with the changing temperatures. They can construct a beautiful stone walkway to enhance curb appeal without the worry of it cracking, shifting or warping. Choose from a wide selection of stone ranging in textures, colours, and designs.

Landscapers in Calgary

Gardening Gurus Ltd. wants to help you make your outdoor space beautiful! They provide a range of gardening, landscaping, and lawn care services that will ensure your outdoor spaces look fantastic year-round. They’re dedicated to quality service, customer satisfaction and exceeding your expectations.

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