Garage door repair in Winnipeg

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How often do homeowners plan for a garage door repair? Most of us don’t plan for repairs and when they happen it is inconvenient and expensive. Having a repair company available is beneficial.

Westco Services is a trusted company with 20 years of experience in the Manitoba market. We offer annual maintenance checks that can alert a homeowner to items that require repair. Preventative maintenance saves time and prevents larger, more costly garage door repairs in Winnipeg.

Garage door replacement

If your garage door is in need of replacement, we offer a wide selection of colours and styles. Design service is available upon request and offers homeowners a “try before you buy” opportunity. Photos of a customer’s home are submitted and we can mix and match different colours and styles until we find a door that suits the home.

New garage doors can add curb appeal and a renewed sense of security for the home. Garage doors in Winnipeg also have a great return on investment and can add value to your home.

New garage door openers

We are proud to offer two different product lines for garage door openers. Our Chamberlain openers offer an economical option, and our high-end Liftmaster units can handle larger heavier doors. New garage door openers feature WiFi operation. Customers enjoy being able to monitor their garage door from the convenience of their smartphones. No more wondering: “Did I leave the door open when I left the home?”. Our newest addition to the Liftmaster product line is a belt drive opener with a built-in security camera. This is an amazing new opener that is selling fast!

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