Garage Door Repairs Q & A

Garage door repair is not something anyone should attempt DIY. If you’re dealing with cables and springs, you’re dealing with a lot of tension. Without the right tools or knowledge, those cables could snap or whip, causing serious injury and/or major damage to things in the garage. If you’re worried something is wrong with your garage, call in professional garage door repair.

Having issues? There are some things you can try to troubleshoot and fix on your own. Creative Door in Calgary and Edmonton shares some trouble shooting questions and answers:

Why isn’t the remote for my garage door opener working?

First, check the batteries. If fully charged, it might be a programming issue or sometimes LED lights in the garage can interfere with the remote. To reprogram the opener, carefully climb a ladder and look at the back of the operator. There will be a button. Push and hold it down for a second. When back on the ground, point the remote to the operator, push and hold the button for on second. Then it should work. If not, call Creative Door.

The garage door keeps trying to open again when it’s less than a foot from the top.

This could be a photo-eye alignment issue. Hold down the control button on the keypad inside your garage. If it closes fine, the photo-eyes are misaligned.

What’s are photo eyes? They are small plastic devices that are located above the floor on both sides of the garage door. They send out an invisible beam, so if something disrupts the beam (like a cat for example), it stops the door from closing on it.

Make sure nothing is blocking the photo eyes. Sometimes a garbage bin or snow shovel is the culprit. If not, you want to adjust both eyes so that they’re the same height and distance from the wall. When they are not exact, your garage door won’t want to shut. If you’ve done this and still no luck, call Creative Door.

My garage door is making a grinding sound, then reverses, several times right before touching the ground and sealing.  

Your door might be out of balance. If that’s not the problem, it could be an issue with the seal. You can try using pipe insulation to stuff the strip of sealant at the bottom of the door. If it still doesn’t work, call for garage door repair.

The garage door starts to open, but then closes again less than a foot off the ground.

This could be a spring issue. Have you had them replaced in the last three years? It’s probably time. Sometimes garage doors use tubes. Either way, you should contact the professionals for garage door repair.

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Finding your perfect garage door and keeping it in tip-top shape—that’s Creative Door’s top priority. They begin with masterfully installing your door and ensuring every mechanism works perfectly from the start, but they don’t stop there. Year after year, they keep on delivering with smart maintenance packages, skillful repairs, and part replacements.

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