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The cold weather will be here soon. Now is the time to prepare so you can enjoy your garage with its multiple possibilities in warm comfort.

Three types of garage heaters

There are three basic types of heating available from HVAC companies in Edmonton.

Electric heating is very costly and rarely recommended. It takes a lot of electricity to run and heat up a large garage, raising your monthly utility bills. Plus, it doesn’t circulate air very well so you’ll always have cold spots.

Infra-red tube heating is the best choice when you are dealing with high open ceilings such as commercial spaces. However, this method is not generally recommended for residential garages they take up a lot of room and do not provide any air circulation.

Forced air garage heaters are the best option for garage heaters in Edmonton. Keep reading to learn why.

Forced air garage heaters are the best choice 

Forced air units, with the overhead units being the most practical as they blow out the heated air providing circulation. They are compact and don’t take up any of your valuable floor space. Before you can have your heater installed there has to be a gas source into the garage and 120volts of power available. If you have to trench for a gas line across your property it is wise to have this completed before the ground freezes.

HVAC Companies in Edmonton

Now you are ready to have your heater installed. Our experienced tradesmen will ensure that you have the right size heater for your space. They will connect the gas and power to your new heater along with the thermostat, so you can enjoy a warm garage year-round. If you have any questions, please reach out to Dechamplain Heating & Ventilation. We are always happy to help.

Sit back and enjoy the Canadian weather knowing that you never have to scrape another windshield!


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