General contractor services that will help you stay in or sell your home

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or your lifestyle has changed, you’re likely thinking about renovations. The right renovation can add value, appeal to buyers, or turn your house into a dream home. General contractors can help with that work, so you can choose to stay in or sell your home.

Strat Services 1 in Vancouver is a professional home renovations company. There share some multi-value renovations so you can sell your home or stay and live comfortably for years to come:

Small details matter

With renovations, it’s not just the major overhauls that add the most good to your home. Those little details matter just as much. Things like repairing the scuffs and holes in your drywall make your home feel cared for. New paint adds a fresh new look and new coloured faucets dress up your bathrooms or kitchen with unique details. The best part, too, is these little details aren’t locked in place. As trends change, you can always replace hardware and fixtures at minimal cost and keep your home up to date (and value!).

Renovate the most used room

Which room do you use most in your home? Is it the bathroom? Living room or kitchen? Whether you’re selling or staying, it’s well worthwhile renovating that space. Rooms like the bathroom or kitchen are especially worth the cost to upgrade in preparation for selling. Buyers will appreciate a modern bathroom or top-notch kitchen with all the bells and whistles.

If you’re planning to stay, it’s still nice to live in a well-cared for and up-to-date space. Maybe your family loves to watch movies or spend time together. In that case, renovate your living room with a fresh new colour or extra space. Turning your basement into a home theatre is another popular renovation that you will benefit from now and later.

Think about the appraisal

When you are prepping to sell your home, getting an appraiser helps determine its market value. They’ll look at factors like square footage, materials, and amenities and evaluate the value of your property. Thinking of your renovations with appraisal in mind is a great way to direct your projects.

For example, extra square footage can turn your home into a market contender down the road and accommodate a growing family. Additionally, safety updates are another investment that always pays off. New electrical systems, better lighting, or upgraded plumbing are long-term investments.

Work with a general contractor

When renovating your home, work with a trusted general contractor regardless of whether it’s to sell or stay. They can help not only with the work but also with the decision process. If your home can’t be outfitted to suit your needs, they’ll help renovate it to make it a market contender. Likewise, their services can cover all you need to turn your house into a dream home if you want to stay.

General Contractors in Vancouver

Strat Services 1 is a team of general contractors with the experience, passion, and know-how to transform your home. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service and listening to your needs. Their team can help with renovations, maintenance, project management, and much more.

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